A static website is usually written in plain HTML with CSS and what is in the code of the page is what is displayed to the user in the browser. It doesn't perform any programmed tasks, it acts as an online brochure. Static websites are mainly designed to showcase the static products and services of companies those require no changes or less changes in the data. A static website is well capable of supporting the business by identifying the products, services and other related information much easily and conveniently.

At ClickPoint we combine our talent, knowledge and experience to produce cutting edge visuals and features in our web design service. We take pride in offering the unique and personalized static website design service with quality and at competitive prices, that is empowered by absolute creativity and skill which help them to elaborate their idea of business among the prospective buyers.

Advantages of static websites :-

  • Attractive layouts
  • Incorporation of advanced flash effects
  • Well-written content targeted to attract the relevant audience
  • Creative and innovative presentation
  • Specialized promotion on internet
  • Affordable rates for Website creation and renewal
  • Bonus Domain Name Registration
  • Preferred Web Hosting Space
  • Minimal infrastructure
  • Customer satisfaction for faster response
  • Quick to design & develop. Less cost compared to dynamic website design

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