Email Campaign or Email Marketing has become a booming buzz now across all industry sectors as one of the Digital Marketing format. According to Litmus, the industry leader for email tracking and testing, 47% of emails are opened on mobile devices. Even for some brands it goes up to 70% for accessing emails through mobile devices. So it’s crucial for any business house to turn on to Responsive Email Design in order to render better services for their customers. At Clickpoint, we have an in-house email design experts who can support in any kind of email marketing campaigns from scratch to finish. All email template designs created by us are cross-platform and are tailored to your company’s unique requirements. We can provide your right target audiance or niche for your industy from any city in India. We also make sure that all our email templates are free of any kind of spam error and are well constructed to increase the click rates as well as customer-engagement rates.

Already have a designed Email Template?

If you would prefer to create your own HTML email design, Clickpoint can help you to enhance it further. HTML Validation Check If you’ve your own HTML email template ready then we can provide a validation check, in which our email experts will make necessary changes and can offer suggestions to ensure that the design follows best practices and achieves maximum ROI. If you have any preconceived email designs in your mind we can also convert it into a deliverable HTML format.