Client: R2 Consultant

Service: Branding & Website Design

Category: Static Website

Industry: Recruiting

Date: Jan 2014

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R2 Consultant

R2 Consultant is a leading staffing and consulting company in Bangalore. The company is committed to catering superior quality recruitment solutions for different companies. The aim of this company is to provide competitive edge to is wide client base in terms of recruitment. Be it for permanent or short-term vacancies this company caters solution for a wide range of services.

Better interactivity with target audience

ClickPoint has designed the website of this company. We understand the need for recruiting agencies and provide industry based web design services. The intuitive design of this website helps it to reach out to a both clients of R2 Consultant and aspiring candidates. We aim to make this website interactive to attract the target audience. There is also a provision for updating resume regularly. We help in integrating email in the website. Template of the email will help in creating an impression on the marketing initiative of this website. We help the recruiting firm in creating a customized email template.