Client: PGH Group

Service: Website Development

Category: Website Maintenance

Industry: Consulting Industry

Date: Feb 2014

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PGH Group

PGH Group is known to conduct different training programs to help administrators, consultants, and project team in the arena of business intelligence. The different innovative approach of the company has made its stand apart from others. They conduct a workshop for professionals and ensure that the service delivery to clients is not hindered.

Obtain innovative solutions

ClickPoint helps the company with innovative web design and development solution. We cater designing services that are specific to the need of this particular arena. Our aim is to improve the reach of PGH Group to its target audience and for this, we have used various innovative methods. We understand the need for training institutes and cater services based on it. We stay abreast of the recent trends of web development and incorporate the best practices while creating the website. Use of Content Management System provides better control to our clients. As a result, they can update and edit the contents and when needed in the future.