Client: ObjectIndia

Service: Website Development

Category: CMS Website

Industry: Professional Institution

Date: August 2014

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ObjectIndia provides training in different software like Oracle, Microsoft, Java, and Tibco. This Bangalore based company caters both fundamental and advanced level training to aspirants so that later can get good placement in good corporates. They emphasize on both theoretical and practical training so that participants get a competitive edge in their career. The training institute aims at sufficing the career goal of participants.

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ClickPoint masters in the art of designing websites for coaching and training institutes. We understand the unique need of training institutes and cater customized solutions based on it. To improve the presence of this training institute over the internet, we have used content management system to develop this website. Use of information rich information and interactive layout are two important aspects of this website. Customized designing has provided a unique look at this website. Through intuitive designing and development practices we have, helps the training institute to make a mark on the target audience.