Client: Mouryaa Media

Service: Website Design & Branding

Category: CMS Website

Industry: Media, Event Management

Date: Feb 2015

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Mouryaa Media

Mouryaa Media is an event management agency that helps in promoting movies. The agency specializes in movie production, management of the corporate event, branding, distribution of the movie, ad shoots, production of TV programs, choreography, and other related activities. The agency acts as a platform that brings together entertainment, culture and art.

Improves brand identity

ClickPoint has designed an interactive website for the company so that they can get an edge over others. We have a unique way of designing websites for event management companies to appeal the wide clientele. Use of high-resolution images, compelling content and appropriate choice of colors and font size improves the overall look of your website. The content management system used in the websites provides independence to website owners in editing content. With our services, it is easy for Mouryaa Media to inform its wide clientele about the wide gamut of services. The overall look of the website helps in improving the brand identity.