Client: MMMedia

Service: Website Design

Category: Website Maintenance

Industry: Event Management, Movie Production

Date: Nov 2014

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MMmedia is an emerging business that deals with marketing of films, work of debut artists like actors, singers, songwriters, directors and filmmakers. The company has turned out to be one of the first companies that have integrated events and marketing different forms of artistic expression under one roof. They aim to cater superior quality marketing solution for the wide clientele based on the later need.

Meet need of clients

ClickPoint has designed and created the website for this company. What make us different from others are our industry based web design solutions. Over the years, we have created websites for the entertainment industry. This is a static website to meet the need of our client. Use of different imagery has made this website appealing to its target audience base. We have ensured that detailed information regarding services is mentioned in this website. To improve the ranking of this website, we have used an appropriate keyword that is relevant to the industry.