Client: Gayatri Jewellers

Service: Website Design

Category: Static Website

Industry: Jewellery Industry

Date: Sept 2014

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Gayatri Jewellers

jewelry in Kolkata. Since 1920, the jeweler has enticed its wide clientele with attractive and creative range of gold, silver and custom jewelry. The noted jeweler strives to provide only authentic gemstones to meet the need of its clientele. It has in store jewelry of the latest trends in various size and patterns.

Well-designed static website

ClickPoint is a renowned name in the arena of industry based web designing services. We have expertise in designing websites for a jeweler. It is a static website with an emphasis on the display of a rich collection of jewelry. With the use of hypertext marking language and script, we have designs an attractive layout for Gayatri Jewellers. The website is simple and easy to navigate. Images of different jewelry can be downloaded with ease from the website. The content of the website can be edited easily without much hassle.