Client: Anz Landscaping

Service: Website Designing

Category: Static Website

Industry: Landscaping

Date: April 2015

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Anz Landscaping

The ANZ LANDSCAPING Company represents a complete solution for all landscaping requirements with available expertise in all areas of landscaping. From hard and soft landscaping to irrigation, waterscapes, timberworks and landscape lighting. Being a landscaping company it’s very important for them to represent themselves and showcase their services online.

Gain online prominence

ClickPoint Solution helped in setting up their old website which was lost long back. We were able to retrieve the website and revamp the website. The website has capability to showcase their various projects. Now the website able to showcase their various projects through gallery. It’s a just an url where ANZ Landscaping is able to talk about themselves like about, services, completed projects etc. Not only Landscaping, ANZ is a group of company with various services like pest control, cleaning, packers and movers etc. ClickPoint Solution takes care of all the website maintenance and help in make the website up-to-date.