Word Press Website Has Been Hacked !! How to get it back?

It’s true that if you are running a website, anytime it could get hacked. People often think, Word Press sites are not secure, but actually it’s a myth. Its core security is good and it keeps the security patches updated in a regular interval of time. One experienced person or a word press development company can say how stressful it can be, when a website gets hacked. There are so many reasons around for hacking of a Word Press website. These are like

  • Weak Password
  • Server Level Breach
  • Running of outdated version of Word Press
  • Dodgy Themes/Plug-ins

Let’s take look at some of the steps to recover your Word Press site.

Make a Checklist

When you see your website is hacked, then don’t put so much stress and prepare a checklist.

  • Can you able to login your Word Press as admin?
  • Is your site redirecting to another website?
  • Does your site contain any illegitimate links?
  • Is Google marking your website as insecure?

This will help you when you go to your hosting company for a recovery.

Check with the Hosting Company

Hosting companies have experienced staffs because daily they deal with such kind of things. They are very help and they know their hosting environment. So contact them and follow their instruction. Your hosting provider may also be able to give you additional information about the hack such as how it originated, where the backdoor is hiding etc.

Restore from Back up

If you have maintained your Word Press site properly and you have a back up for your site then you can restore it. For this you must have a consistent back up schedule and back up files. Several companies provide website maintenance services where they take regular backup and restore your website without any hassle.

If you don’t have a backup, or your website had been hacked for a long time, and you don’t want to lose the content, then you can manually remove the hack.

Reinstall WordPress

If you are running an outdated WordPress version, then it’s necessary to change the core files by reinstalling the Word Press. It is also a good idea to delete all plug-ins, widgets, and themes before re-installing Word Press. Once it’s done, check the installation directory for any leftover files. Make sure it’s empty before re-installing plug-in and themes.

Change all Login Credentials

Change your Word Press admin Login and if the breach originated in the server then change the server password too. Create new passwords for every Login/Access points like server management, SSH, FTP/cPanel, Word Press-admin users, etc.

Implement SSL Security

The little‘s’ after ‘http’ in some website’s URL means to secure. SSL protects data during a transmission between a user and server. You can go online, buy an SSL certificate, and ask your hosting provider to implement it.

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