Why Should You Add HTTPS to Your Website

Last updated on May 21st, 2018 at 03:04 am

Ask yourself? If you are an online marketer how much do you take the SEO services recommendations seriously? Being an online merchant you must do all those things which make your website safe, secure and popular. If you want to make your online business successful you must follow the Google guidelines, so according to Google, it is recommended that the site must have HTTPS to rank in Google SERP. Means for the sake of the user and your website security you must move your website from HTTP to HTTPS.

However, if you want to boost the ranking, there are lots of reasons why you should migrate your website from HTTP to HTTPS. Check out these reasons, why switching your website to a secure protocol is a smart move. 

Some of the browsers show the message “Your connection is not secure”, if you don’t have a http and user see the site is not secured, you might be loosing the visitors who wanted to visit your website but due to this message they may close. 

What is HTTPS and how it is Beneficial for our Website?
HTTPS is a certificate which when integrate to any website makes it secure.  You might be wondering what is the need of extra S in HTTP, then let me tell you the fact that S stands for SSL ie Secure Socket Layers, which helps our website to encrypt its data and connection from unwanted means. Basically it helps your website’s sensitive information, such as payment details and account information secure. This is the security protocol which helps to prevent the outside intruders to peep in to the important data and helps to safeguard your website in every means.


Helps in SEO as well:
Google confirmed that HTTPS protocol is officially measured in the ranking signals for any website to the search engine result page. HTTPS migration is an ongoing process of on page optimization which influences other ranking factors such as loading speed, technical issues etc. Not having HTTPS in the website can effects the SEO ranking and also risk in sudden decrease in the click through rate of the website.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Requires HTTPS:
If you are serious about business and want your online business to be a revenue and user generate machine then you must have to jump in to mobile revolution. Means your website must be mobile responsive and easy to open in any devices.  AMP plays an important role in optimizing your website for mobiles and it needs HTTPS to work.  Share on LinkedIn

Procedure to Migrate in to HTTPS:
After reading the above article you might be wondering about what is the procedure to integrate HTTPS to your website. For this I am suggesting some tools which will easily help you to migrate in to HTTPS. For this you can directly approach you’re hosting provides and buy the SSL certificates. And most importantly you must update your canonical tags to point to the HTTPS version and to avoid the further canonical issues.

HTTPS migration is a change that you need to stay ahead in this competitive market.  This article will help you to overcome the important mistake while migrating to HTTPS. After all it’s all about your business and your user. Gain the user trust and make your business successful by migrating your website to HTTPS.

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