Which is Better SEO or SCO?

SEO – Search Engine Optimization, an effective technique to boost website ranking in Google search engine.

Google is the biggest search engine in today’s era. And make some rules to authenticate and deliver the relevant content to the user who search their queries. Google has created a framework which able to give functionality to any specific keyword to rank on the basis of website data.

You can think bigger now at shift your focus from SEO to SCO. To make your customer base strong you must go for Social channel optimization.

SCO is a better way of thinking.

You can ask yourself a simple question “Where are people going to find our company name?”

You could spend a lot of time trying to figure out where your clients are finding your company name. You can ask one more question to yourself “How can our company breakthrough the noise, and make it easier for people to find my site?

This is the approach you should work on. People are not spending all their time on one channel. They are trying and looking to find information from many platforms. It is very necessary for us as a marketer to stay in tune and start to figure out more ways about our user in the matter of fact that what is not working.  

Check out some different ways from where people get connected through channels.

  1. People connect with people  :
    If you are writing content that is not written from someone’s expertise, how can you expect people to remember who is speaking and where this information is coming from? Stand out from the crowd and try to deliver user centric content to fulfill the user needs.
  1. Make sure your content is being shared :
    Sharing content is essential. Shared content always work. Once your content gets shared, your name will get shared and people will want to learn more.
  1. Connect with people outside your industry :
    Start looking at building a network of people who know about your business and tell others. This is the best way to get your business everywhere. You need to influence people by the help of people and if your name is brought up in conversations with other people your business will grow very rapidly.
  1. Content sharing :
    Typical search engine companies like Google, Microsoft-Bing and Yahoo are creating partnerships with other companies like Twitter and LinkedIn. Information is getting shared across networks. Shared information is the new “marketing asset” and companies are noticing.
  2. Client service:
    When people find try to contact you over the web, email, phone or text.

You see, Search Channel Optimization requires more effort and interaction socially because you are crossing channels and not relying on certain old techniques to obtain the results. Search Channel Optimization can be measured in the following ways:

  • New Accounts setup
  • Phone Call / Email Volume
  • New Client Projects Started/Completed  – Will need to meet client needs faster and better
  • Number of areas your message is able to penetrate
  • Number of connections your management staff is getting connected to, staying in contact with these connections

Rapid changes call for new approaches. It starts with recognizing the big picture and looking at ways to maximize the potential in these areas. So get in to something new and try to achieve big.

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