Which blogging platform is right for you Blogger or WordPress?

Last updated on July 6th, 2018 at 04:47 pm

Ever heard of the term blogging? Basically blogging is a platform or a personal journal which is frequently updated; it is a place to express your thoughts to the world. Nowadays it is also very popular for making some money, like most new innovations on the internet many entrepreneurs saw marketing potentials in having a blog.

Many people or individuals wonder to start their own blog but somewhere they don’t able to start one as they don’t have any technical idea. Nowadays blogging is quite easy as there are many online platforms available which helps you in starting a blog in no time. Only you have to choose the best platform out of several which in turn gives you platform to share your thoughts in front of world.

This article helps you in choosing the right platform for your blog:

There are many platforms out there but the most popular and common platform which is use by many bloggers are either WordPress or Blogger. Both offers a variety of designs and features, which can be kind of confusing for a newbie blogger.


Check out this comparison of Blogger and WordPress services as well as a each platforms features:

Blogger is a Google product, Blogger offers plenty of Google built in features like Adword, Analyics and also Adsense. It is originally started in 1999. Blogger is very user friendly and most of the blogger nowadays uses Blogger as a blogging platform.Check out which blogging platform is right for your #Blogger or #Wordpress? Click To Tweet

Here are some Pros and Cons of Blogger:

Blogger is free which quite attractive feature of this platform is. Blogger delivers a user friendly interface with widgets that are easy for user to masters. Blogger also provides you wide variety of themes and templates which are free. So bloggers can customize their viewers experience and create a visual presence that keeps their brand consistent. The site is also extremely reliable. Many users also love that they can connect their blogger account to their Google adsense and Analytics account for seamless tracking.

Though blogger offers many basic features but it is not that much effective which is why it is not use by novice users. As  many bloggers complain about losing their templates customization. While the simple interface is attractive to novice bloggers, many professional and advanced bloggers complain about the lack high end features and more advanced option.

WordPress offers more complex blogging platform. It also offers several themes and plugins which is easily customizable as per the user needs. The blogging platform markets itself to both novice and advanced users, as it offers an easy to use interface with simple features for new user but can be easily upgraded for advanced users.

A self-hosted WordPress blog will give you the power to control your overall website or blog, also gives you the autonomy to make money from blogging via various advertising and affiliate marketing platforms.    With this platform you also have your own domain name which will look more professional than a blogspot.com sub domain.

The technical requirement required to run a self-hosted blog which is little ore advance than those required for a platform like Blogger. You also need to pay for the hosting whereas Blogger is totally free.

Both the platform requires little investments, though WordPress offers you the option of upgrading to more advanced plugins and sophisticated themes.  .

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