Pogo Sticking

What is Pogo Sticking?

Last updated on July 16th, 2018 at 10:24 am

If you are in to digital marketing services or you are technically know how SEO works then you already know that nobody enjoys clicking three different search results before finding what they are looking for.  This is known as pogo sticking, when a website ranking higher in search engine for a specific keyword and unable to satisfy the user needs. If this is the common occurrence on your web page or landing page Google and other search engine conclude that your website or blog is ranking for the term erroneously and your ranking will drop slowly. From search robot point of view, you have no right to spot in the ranking if people are not satisfied by what they find on your web page.

Why Pogo Sticking Occurs?
It occurs for a number of reasons; basically Pogo sticking refers only latter cause of high bounce rates. Well a high bounce rates may be the sign of success but pogo sticking is never a good cause.

Common Causes of Pogo Sticking
It also caused by poor website design and targeting the keyword and phrase that are irrelevant or too broad is contributes in Pogo Sticking. Most of the website designed lead generation keeping in mind. But just lead generation leads to unnecessary popup, forms, keywords stuff. Normally the serious buyers understand the do more research on company website. Poorly designed landing pages or website with confusing information can discourage searchers or unusual popups or video that auto play on the page loading can be a great annoyance.

How to overcome this Issue?
Following are some of the steps can be taken to avoid the this issue. Also helps in seo to reduce the bounce rate also exit rate of an website. Today is the era of the information. Visitors visit to the website for information.

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