What is Image Optimization for Website

Last updated on February 25th, 2018 at 05:18 pm

Most of us don’t even realize that usage of images in our website can also bring HUGE traffic to our website. The process of proper utilization of an image in a web page is called image optimization. It is the process of onpage optimization and SEO. Most of the time, a developer doesn’t realise the importance of an image while website development process.

If you want more advantage of these images, your website designing company or your inhouse web development team, must learn how to optimize your images while website designing  to score some of this traffic. After taking some of the small steps It’s easier than you think.

  • Image Optimization Tips : File Size
    Load time is very important for a website. Image file size matters a lot for a webpage, as this is one of the element, which increase the file. Don’t resize the images in the code level or browser level. Optimize the images using software like Paint, Photoshop or free tools like Picnik. Also keep constrains proportions while resizing, so that it will not distract the image quality.
  • Image Optimization Tips : Attributes
    Proper usage of Image attributes i.e, alt, title very important. This helps Search Engine to understand the relevancy of the image. As Search engine can’t ready an image. It reads any images by it’s name, title and alt name.Give a proper name to the image.
    Don’t : image1.jpg
    Do : Image-optimization.jpg
    <img src=”Image-Optimization.jpg” alt=”Image Optimization”  title=” Image Optimization”/ width=”100px” heigh=”100px”>
  • Image Optimization Tips : Attributes
    Proper usage of image file name is a major factor in Image optimization. Give a proper name to the image. Also including the image path in sitemap highly recommended as these are the place where search engine find the images and while crawling the website
    Don’t :  image1.jpg
    Do : Image-optimization.jpg
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