Website Development Cost in 2018?

Planning to set up your own online business or website? Are you stepping back thinking about the costs and other factors. Having your own website is not as difficult as you think, but giving the exact website cost estimation is quite tough as it is totally depend on the requirements.

If you want to build website or an online store for your business then you must focus on these things:


  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Content Creation
  • Design
  • Development
  • Digital marketing

How much invest do you need to build a website?

The cost of the website is totally depending on the complexity of the website. Basically the more complex the website the more time, effort and cost is required to build the website. Other things like product and services the website cost is also changes time to time.

The cost of the website depends on many factors, no of pages, functionalities and requirements. However the complete quotes will be given after understanding your requirements.

The below details can give you a rough idea on website development costs:

Static Website:

If you want a static website with less number of pages without any feature or functionality then it may cost you around $. The cost is also depends on how much services you are taking like if you need all the things like from domain hosting to development with digital marketing services the cost may vary.

Ecommerce Website Cost:

If you want to create an online store which gives you the power to buy or sell products through your website then it may cost you around $ . There are several platforms available like WordPress, Magento, Open Cart etc. The cost may be vary up on choosing the platform and functionalities along with payment gateway, no of product show casing and security features.

Custom Website Development Cost:

Custom or dynamic website consist many features and functionalities. The custom website are better than static or any kind of websites. Again it is totally depend on the requirements. Basically custom websites are more costly because of its features and functionalities.

Website Maintenance:

Website maintenance is also depends on the requirements and changes you need on your website. You will need to buy the website maintenance package. Our website maintenance cost includes chat support, email service and onsite changes.

Monthly Cost for Running a Website:

This service includes digital marketing, content creation, graphics design and other factors. You can grab our monthly services to grow your website time by time. But it is a great investment when taken seriously can give you high return of investment.

Domain Name and Hosting:

The domain name is the identity of your website, this is your business name and it must be simple, catchy and easy to remember. Purchasing the domain and hosting is very important part of your business and it totally depend on the type of domain and extension availability.  If we talk about hosting this is depend on the type of the server “Dedicated or Shared Server” and the space in the server.

Digital Marketing Services Costs:

This cost varies in this service as digital marketing services consist of many tasks and it is your choice what kind of digital marketing or promotional services you want to take. This services can give you many advantages like boosting your website performance, building relationship with your customers and brand or service promotion etc.

The cost of the website development and website maintenance is totally depending on the agency or the services you choose. Always try to do a lot of research about the cost and services when involving in to website development and website maintenance services.

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