Web Design Aspects that May be Ruining your SEO

Web Design Aspects that May be Ruining your SEO

Even after having a great website and awesome products, this might be possible that some brands suffer lack of organic traffic, which is obviously not usual and if this is happening with you then you must cross-check your website and every other aspect which might be the cause. 

There are a lot of aspects which might ruin your SEO but top few we will discuss in this blog post:

Website design is the crucial process as it helps to attract more visitors or targeted audiences, but sometimes a few aspects turn the visitors away by affecting negatively in terms of SEO. Check out some of the web design aspects which you need to avoid to prevent damage to your SEO campaign.

Infinite Scrolling:

We know that scrolling is the most popular aspect when it comes to websites, especially eCommerce website development, but it is not meant for all the websites. Scrolling utilisation depends on the target and the goals of the website. If your aim is to stream the content without any interruptions then scrolling might be useful for example Facebook, 9 Gag, Twitter and many more but they are only made for content delivery perspective. However, if your website aims to help visitors to find something or accomplish a task or compare the options, then it can damage your user experience which directly affects your organic traffic.

Slow Loading Time:

Loading time is very important when it comes to your website, if your website is fast enough in terms of loading then you might not face any issues but if your website loading time is slow then won’t assist the images and content to load until the visitor connects with that part of the web page, which results that your web page content is not be indexed by any search engine mainly Google “as half of the world population is using Google especially for searching” this can result in low search engine visibility which affects the organic traffic badly.

Tables In the Website Layout:

If you decide to keep a table on the website, it may be possible that the web page looks more complicated after adding the table as tables have many features like rowspan, colspan, and nested table. It’s possible that you find designing tables quite easy but the maintenance is quite difficult. The majority of visitors find it difficult to figure out as they are meant to be read in the manner displayed in HTML, and the content in the table layout becomes difficult to read from left to right and top to bottom. 

When the table is nested, it is often quite tough to maintain. HTML 5 suggests avoiding the table in the web page layout and HTML 4.01 doesn’t allow this. If you are using CSS, the presentation is usually kept separated from HTML. The table might interrupt the usability of your web page, which might affect your website SEO. Compared to the CSS for the same design, nested tables increase the loading time of that specific page.

Parallax Scrolling:  

Well, all know that parallax is one of the most preferred functionalities which results in making loyal visitors. There are some cons to it as well. Parallax scrolling may affect your SEO ranking. It is perfectly ok to use parallax scrolling if it has one page of content or an attractive visual display. But if your website has infographics, then Google will not consider it. This can result in low organic traffic.

Basically, if you are not that much experienced in website design or online marketing then you must consider hiring some professional website design company who not only help you in website development but also enhances the marketing activity of your business.


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