How to track my website or blog traffic

If you have a website or blog then perhaps you want to measure the traffic to your website to know whether your website is performing well or not or you are having continues visitors towards your website or blog or not because tracking a website is an important factor to know how many users are coming to your website. As you know that having a great website without visitors is something like cake without sugar. The more traffic you generate the more you have chance of getting popular among the people. But before focusing on generating traffic it’s very important to setup a tracking tool which can help you to track your website visitors and performance.

There are several tools available online for this purpose but the most popular and well known tool nowadays is Google Analytics. This tool gives you the entire feature from tracking your website traffic to checkout your website performance.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a Google product which gives you precise view of your website regarding traffic and performance.  It helps you to understand the behavior of your visitors who are coming to your website or blog which results you to create your effective marketing campaigns. Though it is not easy to integrate but you can follow step by step guide to have it installed. After integration you will then be able to track traffic you are getting in a day, a week or in a month. You can track from where the traffic whether it is paid, referral or organic. This piece of information will act as a foundation to set up your marketing strategy and goals and also you will know what is working or what’s not. Basically it gives you pureview of your website insights.

Google Analytics “Key to your success”:

Learn from your traffic stats. The important factor of these traffic stats is to get the knowledge about the understanding and behavior of your visitors. There are several information is measured by Google analytics like visitor demographics, browsers, location, channels etc.

Other important stats is page views and what pages people are interested to visit, by this stats you will know very easily that in what pages your visitors are interested and also tell you about the most visited pages of your website. By knowing all this you will understand that what information or a piece of thing they are in to or interested. Tracking your website traffic or visitor is something more than integrating a tracking tool.  As with the help of these tools you get aware of the characteristics and action of each visitor who are visiting your website, you can update your website according your visitors needs. Remember to create your website or blog user friendly is your main goal to keep getting more and more customers or visitors.

Final Words:

If you really want to make benefit from your website or blog you must integrate a tracking tool to your website which enables you to track your website or blog as well as your marketing campaigns. Hopefully in this process, you will discover the secrets of your website traffic and learn to increase it.


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