How to track multiple subdomains traffic in Google Analytics?

Most of the business doesn’t understand the value of a website. To be a success business owner you need to understand your website visitors activities. It’s like someone is coming to you for business and if you don’t know how they came, what they are looking for etc it’s no use. Google Analytics is a great tool to implement for your website and understand the website visitors activities on your website. There will be different section on your website. Today we will discuss how to track subdomain and blog separately for your website.

There are different way to track a blog which under a subdomain. To track the blog visits which is under a subdomain you can create a view and use a filter with “HOSTNAME” to separately use for blog sub domain. In this way you can use multiple sub domains to track them separately.


If you have your blog as a sub folder i.e domain .com / blog, in this case you need not to create view separately, you can create a custom report filtering a page name contains “blog”. Which will help you to pull all the visits, page views, session of the complete blog section of your website?


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