Top 10 Restaurants & Food Ordering Website in Bay Area

Like all the other businesses food business is also making their online presence to expand their customer base. If we talk about United States there are around hundreds of established online food business. But starting a online food business other thing and making it popular is another. As every business need a lot of effort to taste the success. Only setting up the business is not everything but you need to put some action and reaction to touch the sky of success.

Let’s check out, what works in favor for setting up an online food business:


Customer has to no longer have to wait in queue to get their food. Ordering a food only requires a platform which helps your customer to take the order and deliver it on time.

Friendly UI:
Keep the features and other functionality simple on your website so that even a kid can order food without any hassle.

Identifying the Target Area:
Make a list of the area you want to target. Start with little and then go for big. This will make you focus strong as you have to serve in very limited area which will help in make your business a brand among the people.

Along with all the other aspects you have to maintain proper staff from chef to delivery staff so that you can do your business without any problem and also customers can get exactly what they want.

Steps to follow while initiating this business:
Food ordering website development 
 and the website should be the first preference so that you can easily target your audience.

Promotions and awareness is the most important factor in this business as without this you cannot able to reach your targeted audience.

Identifying the goals for your startup is the main factor which you need to fulfill. You need to focus and put a lot of effort in few things like order, cooking and delivery with hygiene and taste which is the most important aspect of this business.

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Here are some of the popular online food business which are really doing good in serving food to the people in Bay Areas.

4505 Burgers and BBQ

Burgers and BBQ is the most popular restaurant of Bay area’s serving their customers from more than a decade. They got their app also both for ios and android. They provide your desired meal when you need to eat good food.

Lers Ros Thai

Thai curries and noodles travel very well and Lers Ros is the city’s standard bearer for delivery Thai. Check out their website as it serves not only food but also build relationship with their customers through their online portal.


Little Gem

Little Gem got very healthy and hygienic menu for their customers. Their online portal serves you the entire menu which you need when you want yourself to feed.


Pizzeria Delfina

Pizza is loved by all and Pizzeria thin and California style Neapolitan Pies are the most ideal version of pizza loved by many people in Bay areas. They got popular by making their business viral through their online portal. A simple and elegant look of their portal as well as their app help people to order their desired food in no time.

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All of the menu of salads and pitas like by most of the people in Bay areas, it is famous for its Greek yogurt. The website gives people an advantage to order their menus with instant check out options.



GrubHub is also another food delivery portal offering its great services in more than 900 cities. They stay connected with customers by their popular app GrubHub makes it easy to find your next meal.


Uber is the popular name for taxi and it also serves your food directly to your home in no time. They are currently serving in many cities of United States like Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and many more.


It is another name of famous online food portal which serves food in the Bay area, loved by almost all the local people. Look out their website simplicity and attractiveness, it increases urge to order more food if someone visited even once.

Tony’s Pizza Napoletana

You just think of Pizza and Tony delivers you direct to your doorstep, this is all because of their online food portal which serves as a bridge between their customers and them.


Young Fava

Young Fava is a “delivery-only restaurant,” a designation designed to make diners do a double take. The idea: Chef Anthony Strong prepares dishes not so different from the ones he used to cook at Locanda, only they’re just available by the delivery box.


If you also planning to getting in to online food ordering business then we have shared all the details that inspire you and help you in setting up this business as quickly as possible. Especially in the country like US you need to do put some extra effort to stand out from the crowd.  


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