Tips to Speed up Your Business Website

Do you know Google is using site speed as a criterion in its search algorithm?? Yes, it prefers to reward the fast sites with higher positions in natural search results. As the average internet speed is increasing day by day, the website speed matters. So web users are less impatience towards low site speed and studies have shown that just a second of delay can yield 11% fewer page view, 16% less customer satisfaction and 7% loss in conversion. Your site is the first connection to your business, if it takes much time to load and definitely you’ll lose lots of business not even knowing it.

These solid tips will help you to speed up your site.

  1. Determine the Website Speed

Before taking any action to speed up your website, first you’ve to check your site speed. Google offers a number of site-performance analysis tools to determine your website speed including the free ‘Google Webmaster Tool’.

Another speed monitor tool is Yahoo’s ‘Y Slow’, a free plug-in for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera that grades your site’s speed on a scale from A to F.

  1. Optimize Images

Most of the time a website loading delayed for uploading of bigger size images. Oversized images take longer time to load, so keep your images as small as possible. These are the approaches you can try.

  • Crop your images to the correct size. Keep your image size small between 500×800 pixel across and 73 DPI (dot per inch). Don’t upload a 2000px-wide image and set the width parameter (width=”570”). This slows your page load time and creates a bad user experience.
  • Try to eliminate Meta data from your images. The information like date, time, and camera name are the part of image background code.
  • Reduce color depth to the lowest acceptable le vel.

Know more what is image optimization for your website.

  1. Enable Browser Caching

Suppose someone comes to your website, they have to download the HTML documents, style sheets, JavaScript files and images before being able to use your page. That may be as many as 30 components and 2.4 seconds. Once the page has been loaded and the different components stored in the user’s cache, only a few components needs to be downloaded for subsequent visits.

So, you need to enable caching to slash time. For all cacheable resources (JS and CSS files, image files, media files, PDFs etc.) set expires to a minimum of one week, and preferably up to one year in the future. Don’t set it to more than one year in the future because that violates the RFC guidelines.

  1. Reduce Plug-Ins and Java Scripts

Your site does many things using Java script and Plug-ins. Forms to fill up, like button, twitter feeds etc are the extras. But sometimes these things become responsible for low loading speed of your site. When Java script is slow to load then the whole site will be slow. Similarly plug-ins are originated from different sites. If that particular site is slow, then it might affect your site.

  1. Remove Flash

We know, users are less tolerant to slow load time. They may leave the page before of Flash loading. Rather using Flash, you can change it into HTML5 using some tools. It will take less processing time than Flash plug-in.

  1. Reduce Redirects

Redirects are the instructions or methods that automatically take visitors of one file to another file or location. It causes your pages to load slower because it is a waste of time to go to one place just to be redirected to another. It creates additional HTTP requests and increase load time, so you should keep them to a minimum.

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