These Ecommerce Trends will Surely Drive sales in 2019

E-commerce trend is changing every minute, as technology develops there is significant growth in mobile commerce according to survey 40 % of sales in e-commerce are coming from mobile phones and it seems like mobile commerce add will  $100 bn USD by 2020. Customers are expecting more as compare to what is offering in today’s era.

Another trend which is arising is website designing and development trend, as many offline merchants and businesses are trying to make their business online which are resulting in more competition in the e-commerce industry.

What other trends that are working in 2019 is discussed below:

More interaction with Customers:

With all the other features and functionalities of the online store nowadays businesses are trying to get connected with the customers. So that they better understand their customers’ behavior and their desires which not only bring sales but also help in building trust among the users. Businesses are more focused and trying to maintain a relationship with their clients to sustain in this cut-throat competition. Let’s take example Customer reviews and feedback is more important because it helps in building the brand and also show significant growth in the customer base.

More personalized Stores

Almost all users like companies or brands who personalize their experiences. Though it is time-consuming as you need to track your customer’s behavior to personalize store according to their likings this is the expectation which is needed by most of the customers. More and more businesses are creating websites in which customer will spend minimum time and maximum shopping.

Voice Search and Chatbots (AI)

Voice search and chatbots are something new to the e-commerce market as a customer wants instant and accurate answers of their question, as merchants are not able to track serve every customer that where the need of chatbots comes in to play. This trend is also very much in demand and from SME’s too big brands, all are trying to implement this technology to grow their business and their customers base.

Multiple Payment options

Most of the customers want easy and multiple payment options, so it’s better to integrate multiple payment options from Debit card, credit card to UPI payment options. In 2019, retailers are trying to offer multiple payment options to avoid loosening customers.

Subscriptions and Push Notifications

Subscription of products and services is going to be a huge trend in 2019. The subscription features in online stores have grown 200 % in the last decade. It is implemented by almost all the retailers so that they can easily reach out to their existing customers about their new products and services.


If you have read the above article you already got that nowadays retailers are focusing on offering more convenience to their customers,  people have very little patience. They want a smoother and easier experience while shopping.

Keeping all these things in mind retailer must provide seamless and convenient customer experience to the customers which will give you the advantage to stand ahead in this competitive market.


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