The Worst Advice You Will Come Across About Digital Marketing

What makes Digital Marketing so tricky is that, there is no one size that fits all. One strategy works for one brand, may miserably fail for another one. But you often get some free advice from different blogs or marketing experts which is nothing but traditional only. These experts head is buried with as usual and pointless things which may be the reasons for slumping of your business.

Here are some hilarious tips, usually given by some experts…Check out the list

  1. 1. Create Account on Every Possible Platform.

There is a lots of Social media networks and it’s totally impossible to make your presence in every platform. More the number of accounts you create, more the effort. The important part is to follow some popular platforms and work dedicatedly on that. First identify which platforms are best suited for your brand and invest your time and resources there. So you can save your time and can spend it in other business things.

  1. Post the Same Content Everywhere

Actually, you shouldn’t use the same content in every channel or platform. Every platform is unique in its own way. The kind of audience in every platform is different and their approach towards it is different.

Your audience in Facebook demands an easy grasping and light hearted content where Twitter restricts you in just 140 characters so content must be informative. For Linked In content is longish and to the point where Instagram main content is a picture.

  1. More Controversy…More Traffic

Sometimes, controversy can be a good thing. You can get people talking about your brand and gain more recognition. But being controversial is temporary and it’s impossible to sustain controversy for too long. It’s not a good and long time strategy or rather we can say it must be avoidable.

  1. Just Post as Often as Possible

It’s true that Digital media or Social media marketing  service is highly interactive. But it’s not right to bombard your audience with lousy and boring contents so many times. Although posting often is a good thing, but it will not help your business gets found online. You may get a lot of traffic early on, but surely you will get unfollowed.

  1. Just Delete It

Sometimes, you can get people saying “don’t worry, just delete it”. Actually in this age of internet technology, it’s difficult to delete a poor content or negative joke. Even you realize your mistake and delete it but by the time thousands of audience could have seen it and can share it with others. So deleting is not a wise option. You’ve to be careful before your every post.

  1. Automate and Relax

Digital media marketing service or Social media means for interacting with your audience but some people advise to use automation tools for posting or daily activities. Somehow it’s good and time saving because it’s difficult to touch every platform manually but at the same time it’s meaningless to be called social where originally you aren’t.

  1. Disable the Comment Section

Often people give advice to disable the comment box, but originally audience use comment as the way of their communication with you. Disabling comment makes your company unable to deal with reality. Comments are supposed to help you to know what exactly your audience are looking for. This may give you ideas to grow up and attract more customers. Sometimes, it’s difficult to deal negative comments but it can be handled tactically.

  1. More Likes means More Business

Definitely, you can say more likes means more happiness but more likes don’t always mean more business. People may like you or your content for many reasons but it’s difficult to say likes will increase your chance of getting business. It lies in assumable state only.

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2 thoughts on “The Worst Advice You Will Come Across About Digital Marketing

  1. Just gone through the article and got a clear idea about the traditional wrong practices on Digital Marketing. Really these are the some funny advices those can slump your entire digital marketing strategy as well as your biz anytime. The epic one is “Disable the Comment Section” 🙂

    1. Thnx Debashis,

      We are happy to know that you got some of the input which helps you in a long run. Stay tuned for some of the upcoming knowledgebase..


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