The power of testimonials when it comes to impress your customers

If you are in a business then you know that showcasing your prior work and satisfied customers can definitely earn you some more customers, that’s what this blog post is all about.


You can use your testimonial as a marketing tool which is as effective as any other technique used in marketing to grab or attract potential customers. As testimonial helps in establishing credibility, you are using real people to show your work or products which is used to gain a lot of trust among the users.


Let’s take a look on how to approach your satisfied customers to write a testimonial:

Testimonial work as an unbiased voice of your customers who are happy with your works, this is not used for sales pitches but it will give your new customer a satisfaction that they can easily trust on you.

  1. Keep asking your customer to review your product or services:

If you are offering satisfied service to your customers then you can easily approach them to give your service or product a review so that it will benefit your business to gain more customers. Don’t hesitate to ask permission to use their words on your website.

It is a kind of psychological spur to produce the best results all the time. The most common benefit of the testimonials is that it will remind your new customer to think about your product and services they have spent for. Also it strengthens the relationship between you and your client.

      2.Providing customer details in Testimonials:

Providing testimonials with the client details such as their business and image can easy able to gain trust of users, according to survey client details in testimonial can increase the conversion rate by 60%.

When writing testimonials keep these few things in mind:

  • Why they have considered your services?
  • What most they like in our product or services?
  • Pointing out the benefits of having your services.
  • Rating your product and services.
  • Would you recommend our services or not?

 3.Video testimonials:

You can also create a video testimonial as watching them talking your products and services can easily gain trust among your new users. Get some of your more personable customers to create a short video about sharing their experiences with your company.


Customer testimonials and reviews are the best way to grab new customers, it is other marketing tools that gives you power to make your business popular among your potential buyers. So don’t wait and gather some good testimonials as you are creating another way of building trust.  

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