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How to Start an Online Travel Business: A Guide

The travel industry is one of the fastest growing industries today, especially when it comes with B2B vertical this business shows tremendous growth. Travel and hospitality industry is experiencing a revolutionary phase, it is quite vital to know the importance of B2B travel portal and also how it can help in growth for online travel agents.

According to the recent study travel industry is growing at a faster pace and is now a billion dollar industry which is expected to grow with 10 % of annual growth by 2020. Online travel businesses are becoming one of the most desired models of many entrepreneurs.

This article is all about how can you get succeeded in the travel industry and what are the aspects you need to follow while making your business online.

Things to keep in mind when stepping in this business:

End to End Technology Solution:

This is totally depending on your choices that which technology you want to use to build a website. It’s better to consult a website designing company which has a prior experience with the travel industry. Make sure that your website must include all the travel features in a shortened workflow which results in minimizing the cost associated with these processes and interference.

While hiring for establishing the online travel company you need to check the prior experience which is the most vital factor considered in delivering high performance. Must consult before hirings, such as operations, consolidation, and distribution of sales. Hence, travel intermediaries should choose a who can help you in creating an online portal for your travel business.

Reliability of Solution:

Today almost all the people are relying on online booking system on your service for hotels, flights, cars etc. With the technological advancement, the most common problem is data theft which most people face while making online payments. Thus it is important for you to give a reliable solution in the market which in no way hampers the secure information of your customers.

Key Benefits:

The travel companies should look for a comprehensive platform where they get all-in-one automation of their business processes to satisfy the needs of customers. Your online travel portal should include an advance B2C interface for easy booking, sub-agent management system, package management, and distribution, management of multiple sales channels, multiple geographies, multiple languages, and multiple currency ability. In addition to this, low-cost of ownership and maintenance would always work in favor of the technology company.

Scalable CRM Activities:

For travel enterprises, it is important to track and measure their customers. The advance CRM tool offers you the advantage to know about the key information and interest of your customers so that you can run your marketing campaigns and customer service. Therefore, travel enterprises should consider this reason for the successful management of its clients.


With the high degree of competitive scenario has become difficult to make a choice between travel technology companies. The travel enterprises should to carefully analyze the need for the system and so consider the above factors for taking the final decision.

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