Some Insight Into Modern Web Design Trends

Last updated on February 8th, 2017 at 03:12 pm

There is no single definition for a good website design. The definition and the patterns change as per customer preference. One of the most popular designs is to have a full-screen picture for the landing page, with very few words to describe the company. The scroll bar is artfully camouflaged, in the design and the picture is responsive to different screen sizes. Another way round is to have longer scrolling sites. It is one design that is excellent for smartphone users. They do not have to go for other pages and all the content is loaded at once. You can combine both the ideas and create a design that has a picture at the start and scrolls down.

Simple and savvy
Adding multimedia at the right places is another style that is in vogue. People respond to graphics better than words. However, keep things subtle and do not go for over the top with graphics. Another prominent modern web design trends are story telling. It includes scrolling down and the subtle inclusion of graphics while you introduce your company in a story telling format. Using larger header and keeping the background clean without any images is another style that is trending in recent times. Use background carefully to get a professional appeal.

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