How to protect your Online Accounts from Being Misused

Nowadays all of us are using many online platforms for numerous purposes, mostly people using online shopping sites and social media platform to fulfill their needs & to connect socially with friends & family. For using  these channels you are sharing all your personal information online, due to which there is a possibility of your information being compromises with some of the people who want to steal your important data for unfair means which is then misuse in many ways.

Means identity theft which can happen in many ways, that leads to put you in serious trouble.

If you are a victim of this kind of theft or worried that your personal information is being compromises you can implement various factors to keep your account safe and secure.

Check out these simple steps to secure your accounts:

  • To setup a password manager:

You must keep your password a little complicated so that no one can able to guess it in any ways. There are also many password apps available to help you out, these passwords manager manage all your passwords and login credentials, they also help you in generating a strong & secure passwords.

  • Add Two Step Verification:

Nowadays almost every website offer you two step verification feature to keep your account secure from unfair means. This mean  even someone got your username & password they won’t be able to login your account as this website keep track of your location and devices to secure your accounts.

  • Delete your third party apps or account connections:

You use many social media and other platform to satisfy your needs, for this they give you the feature to link your primary email id to signup this platforms.You need to keep these connections to a minimum to block off any potentials theft.

  • Keep Your software Updated:

To protect yourself from these kind of theft you need to update your device regularly, you must update your operating system and browser to overcome these vulnerability.

  • Be Careful About What You Sharing

Make sure you personal details is not be shared with any untrusted sites as it can involve you in some serious trouble. If somehow you get caught in this type of vulnerable situation then please share your complaint with your nearest security essentials so that they can help you in every possible ways.

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