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Last updated on August 17th, 2018 at 11:48 am

Either it is business, services or something else everyone search their respective queries in Google nowadays. This is the reason why almost all the businesses are giving their online presence so that they will easily find out by their targeted customers through Google search.

Similarly, if you are in to construction business and you want to expand your business then internet is the best place where you can easily find new projects or customers. But for this initiative you need to build a website.

In this article we will explain each and every aspect on how to give an online presence to your construction business:

  • Which technology to use
  • Costing
  • Website Structure
  • Promotional strategy for your construction website

1.Technology to use for building your construction website:

If you’re new to this business then you must choose the technology first in which you want to build your construction website. There are various CMS available by the help of which you can easily create your online construction business. Some of the best CMS are WordPress, Magento and Opencart. You can choose any one to make your website.

But if we talk about flexible CMS then WordPress is the best CMS for creating your website. Without going in to so much detail WordPress is is the most popular web design tool and almost 40% of website are powered by WordPress nowadays.

There are many reasons why you use WordPress but some of them I  am highlighting:

  • Flexible and User friendly
  • SEO friendly
  • Reasonable cost
  • Thousands of templates and plugins

2.How much does This Construction Website will cost?

It is totally depend on the requirement of your project, basically the more complex the website the more time, effort and cost is required to build the website. Other things like product and services the website cost is also changes time to time. The cost of the website depends on many factors, no of pages, functionalities and requirements. However the complete quotes will be given after understanding your requirements.

If you want Custom or dynamic website which consist of many features and functionalities. The custom website is better than static or any kind of websites. Again it is totally depend on the requirements. Basically custom websites are more costly because of its features and functionalities.

  • Website Structure:

You need to focus on the structure of your website, showcasing your work and clientele. An appealing and responsive website can increase your chance by 30 % in getting new customers. And also Great way to convert your visitors in to permanent customers is by including call to action button on every page. Making it clear and bold by using contact us or other call to action buttons in every page.

Especially in the big countries like Australia, UAE, South Africa and other countries you need to put extra effort to grow your online construction business. As a construction professional you need to make sure that all the elements and the factors of your online construction websites are visually appealing and get the power to attract the users.

Take a look at the biggest construction companies in Australia:



BGC is one of the most popular construction businesses in Australia. The website got pretty simple layout. The BGC construction was established in 1994 since then growing demand for commercial building construction across Australia.



They provide their services across Australia and completed around 3500 projects since 1972. If you look at website you see simple layout with all the other information such as clientele, services, works and projects which help to build trust among the customers.

Fulton Hogan


They are serving since 80 years; also provide all the information about their company and projects on their website. Fulton is also operating in New Zealand, south pacific and many other countries.

3.Promotional Strategy for your construction website:

It is totally depend on your targeted market and area. Like smaller construction more of a target local market whereas big companies target national and international markets.

To make your website search engine friendly you need to implement some basic strategy such as on page and off page to make your construction website search engine friendly.

4.Software you use for your construction business:

Software’s help you to manage your business better, as they handle all the things on the go.

  • Project Management
  • Presales
  • Finance Management
  • Customer relationship Management

So you have checked all the details which are essentials to setup an online construction business. Either your website by yourself or hire a professional to build one.

If you want any advice on creating website or website maintenance feel free to Contact Us today and accomplish your goals without any hassle.



ClickPoint Solution has years of experience in developing construction website so give us a chance to build relationship with you. 

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