Planning Tips: Before You Start Website Design


Yes, it’s worth saying that websites are windows to your business and keep it as much as exciting. A website can be called perfect when it has a good content, image, layout with a best user experience. A website is a failure until somebody is using it. Websites must have appeal to the target audience and visitors should get benefits from its products and service. So before going for a website, you have to plan the structure and figure of the site. This can help you to organize and clarify the content and help you to eliminate unnecessary things for your site. If you have a proper plan for your site beforehand, your website will be better positioned to achieve your goal.

Here are some things to be considered before you start building a website.


For a website, content is the most important component. It’s good to consider what you want to present to your visitors. If your website were an Ecommerce, your written content is product image. The way your content is written will ultimately define your brand on the page. It’s not necessary to have all your content before starting of your website but it is always good to get that ready before you start. This will help immensely when you get the layout phase built as the paragraph length, headlines, and other written components will be looked well with the layout.


Your entire visual of your site depends upon the images you use. Before going for a website designing, you have to choose the images for main page, subpages. While choosing, be careful for bold images, big images or small images as per the requirement. Proper image optimization is necessary to get more advantage of these images in your website. Suppose you are making a real estate website, then it will be a great idea to display your current or completed projects on the front page. A logo is also a part of images required for the website. A logo with a perfect color speaks about your business. The theme color of your website must give a professional look. So color choosing is easy without hampering your brand identity and business.


After content and image the most important part is website layout. This is really important because when you are working with your clients it needs the approval from them and you will get feedbacks on the design before you actually put it on the final development work. This is the best time where you can get to choose a best designed themes or templates instead of going with a single one. As per industry expert before going for final layout designing, it’s good to sketch ideas and think about the audience. A little sketch can help you plan a better site, especially if you are working with clients.

Visitor Flow

Try to understand the visitor flow to your website before designing of your website. How do you want visitors to navigate through your site?? Do you want to place About, Contact, Blog page on the front page of your site?? Do you want to give an online shopping experience to your customers on the front page?? These are the real information required before going through the build process. Your website can be a lead generation tool for your business. Actually, the more hurdles a visitor has to face when he becomes a converted customer. Consider how easily someone can find the information or make a purchase from the front page to the confirmation page. This is where planning the main menu, supportive menus (sidebar, footer, etc.), search, and other navigational components occur. It will make creating the layout a lot easier.

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