Why and How often should I update my website?

It’s good for social media,

Whether you have a blog, corporate website or eCommerce business store, updating your site  and keep up to date all the time has numerous advantages. Keeping your website content updated and unique isn’t a simple task to do, it takes both time and money. But there are lots of benefits of doing website redesign – particularly the long term benefits will worth the effort and cost.

From an design point of view, your website design need to be updated each 5-6 years to keep up an edge over your competitors and remain current position with the most recent trends in website redesign. A big question comes to in your mind “how to update an existing website”. For which answer is “website content management”. You needn’t to have technical skill, you need to just login to your website and update the content as you are writing on MS word. Yes it’s so simple to update website content on a regular basis. Various content management system like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal would make life easier. The way of people interaction with websites is rapidly changing, which implies that your website’s design needs to meet their requirements. Let’s review some reasons why, and some suggestions of WHAT to update.

Your clients really DO want you to keep up to date.

Many people oscillate to put news out about themselves or their company because they mark themselves last. The customer comes first after all. Whether they may afraid about improper updates will appear like a worthless self promotion, or they would not prefer to take time from their customers, their own website takes the last page. Website Maintenance service is a critical thing in any kind of marketing strategy. The best and the very most important benefit updating the website to getting index website by Google. Google ignores your website if it is not updated properly. Google always loves fresh content. For example if you are searching for Olympic, you are definitely looking for upcoming Olympic. Not old Olympic. In that case when someone search for Olympic the recent news, article it would show on Google SERP. Visitors may get a bad impression if there is old information on your site. This is about ensuring your website is visible when your potential customers are searching.

Update your website content more interesting to read

Your website viewers likely have more fascinating things they could be reading. They visit your website because they were searching for latest information. Website content management is very important when it comes to website visitors.  Ensure you have what they are searching for on your website. When you add some new products or services, ensure you put it on your site. Easy way to update website content and regular basis is a good website maintenance strategy will guarantee that you will never lose a potential customer since you have all the right information on the web.

It is good for SEO

Updating the content is highly helpful for SEO – Search engines loves content and particularly fresh. Search engines like to have a long quality posts in their index to satisfy their users. A website that is updated consistently is crawled more frequently, has more pages in the index and more possibilities to boost SEO by applying internal linking best practices.

If you are using social media platforms to promote your blog or website, you should realize that content is the king like factor to post on your social media pages. This is the common issue that decimates all your efforts in the absence of good content. Having a website that is updated all the time will also give you fuel for your social media marketing.

It’s good to have a mobile friendly website,

We are living in a mobile driven world today; there is no secret that search engines like Google favors mobile-friendly websites, so upgrading to a responsive website design can be a better way to help your rankings.

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