How to maintain your Recruiting Website

People often say, recruitment is marketing. If you are a recruiter and you don’t see yourself as a marketer, then you are in a wrong profession. It is a common practice that, people running Recruitment Websites hardly care about the content. They think several no. of job listings with an “Apply” button is sufficient for a career site. But they overlook vital components missing in Recruitment Website’s content. Before candidates decide to apply for a job, they need to know the vision of the organization, they are going to work. They must know the work-culture and goal of the employer organization. It’s the parameter for a Recruitment Website to show the details about an employer.

There are some guidelines, which should be followed to make a Recruitment Websites truly successful.

Fresh Content

For a well responded Recruitment Website, you need to continually update with fresh contents. It is difficult to provide daily, but if you are truly motivated to elevate the visibility of your site, then make your site updated.

Easy Navigation

An effective Recruitment Website should have an easy navigation for candidates to apply jobs with minimal barriers and consuming less time as well as easy search tools. Application process should be user friendly because if candidates have to fill out several pages of information before they even get to apply, then you may lose them before they even submit a resume.

Smart Job Listings & Ads

Recruitment Website must have sufficient space for available job positions. Categorizing jobs by skill or location is a smart way to help candidates quickly find the positions they’re looking for. You must give separate space for adding roles and responsibility of the job position. This will help candidates to easily identify whether they are a fit for the position or not.

Using of Visuals

Usually visuals have great impact on user and it can easily able to fetch their attention. Using of visuals in Recruitment Websites like photos and employment videos, employer’s workspace, interaction with employees will catch candidate’s interest. If you want to transform visitors into potential employees, use strong visual elements on your site.

Mobile Optimization

Now job seekers are searching for opportunities from their smartphones and tablets. As per data, more than a third of Recruitment Website visitors come from mobile devices. If you are really looking for more applicants, your site must be optimized for mobile. Mobile optimized site must be well navigated and job ads should be easy to browse on a small screen.


Most job seekers search their job on search engines like Google, Bing etc. So Recruitment Websites should have a clear strategy when it comes to SEO. Custom URLs, custom page titles and keyword-rich content into your job postings and career site pages can increase your search engine rankings and improve your visibility for online job seekers.

Social Media Subscription

As today’s world is more socially connected, make it easy for candidates to subscribe to your social channels by integrating them into your website. Add links to your Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn page. It will help the potential candidates to stay in touch with your latest updates and recruitment news.

Talent Community

When an interested job seeker visits your Recruitment Website, they may not always find the position they’re looking for. So they may leave your site before submitting any information. In that case, provide a Talent Community widget that allows candidates to send their resume without actually applying for a position. This will let them raise their hand in interest, and you get to strengthen your talent community.

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