Improve Your Conversion Rates with these Effective Hacks

If you are in online business then you know the prospects of ad campaign. You have to setup your ad campaign in such a way that it get more clicks and also carry out particular action in terms of product purchase.

In this article we will discuss about some Google adwords hacks. So let’s get started

Conversion tracking allows you to analyze the performance of your ads group and ad campaigns which gives us the pure view and estimation of our investments and ROI.

Here we are sharing some great techniques to improve your conversion rates.

Quality Score:

Increasing the quality score of your keyword can directly impact your conversion rates, which gives you one great advantage as well.

First is decreasing the cost of your campaign or you can say CPC and also allows you to show your ad in front of large audience.

Some of the best ways to improve the CTR is:

  • Focus on relevant ads for your potential audience.
  • Keep your ad group well organized.
  • Using right keywords in your ad campaign.
  • Improving the landing page

Improving all the above things can surely improve your quality score which also increases the number of clicks and conversions as well resulting in getting relevant and genuine leads.

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Optimizing Landing pages:

Your landing page play a key role in increasing your conversion rates, for this you should properly optimize your landing page by simply carrying out the A/B testing which gives you instant result in real time on how your landing page is performing. You must make your landing page more appealing, relevant and easy to navigate so that anyone can easily access without any difficulty.

Your ad copy should be align with your landing page, so that it is not misleading in anyway, as it help to gain or lose your user trust.

Some of the key factors you must not overlook when optimizing your landing page:

  • Appealing headline
  • Catchy User interface and visual content
  • Well tested CTA or call to action buttons
  • Fully Responsive

After all this process you must adjust your keyword match type:

There are three match types:

  • Broad Match type
  • Phrase Match type
  • Exact Match type

You must know what you type of match you need to target more and more customers towards your website. Never try to take this lightly as it helps to increase the reach of your ads and help to get more clicks.


Conversion is the important metric for scaling up your ad campaign. The better the conversion rate the better your ad will perform and you will meet your business goals. You need to stay focused in setting up your ad campaigns.

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