How to start my own blog

Are you looking for step to step guide to start your own blog, nowadays blogging is a great platform to express your thoughts with the world. It also help you to solve others problems which you’ve overcome earlier in your life. You can even make money by blogging also.

So if you are new to blogging, this article really helps you to create your own and also help you to avoid mistakes while setting up a blog.

Now everyday people create a blog and they don’t take it seriously and forget, but if you take blogging seriously you can earn a handsome income with it. You can use advertisements or different blog monetization techniques, to enough to bear your own expenses and slowly you will become a professional blogger and earn a living out of it. But you need to start with a plan and maintain consistency.

In this article you will get all information which is needed to start a blog, remember one thing the road to your blogging success is going to be quite long, but if you maintain consistency you might be able to make handsome money.

Leading Free Blogging Site

There are several websites for blogging available for the marketing. Here are some of the top leading free blogging websites to start. If you want you can have your own domain and hosting purchased and create your own blog in your name, for example,

  • Blogger.Com
  • Ghost.Org
  • Squarespace.Com


How To start a Blog When You Have No Audience

If you want to create your own blog and want to stand out of the crowd then you must improve your writing, reading and analytical skills. For Blogging you need to have an attitude to learn new things.

Follow these simple steps to establish yourself as a blogger:

Blogging Platform

Web Hosting & Domain


Choosing an attractive Design for your blog

writing a blog post

Driving Traffic

Getting Social

Learn SEO

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