How to Start an Online Logistics Company in Sydney

In today’s era every business is getting online now and then, from finance to food every business is trying to expand their customer base to make profits. Like other businesses online logistics business is also very much in demand, due to ecommerce logistics business is also making a decent profit as they help in delivering the products in any part of the world direct to customers doors step.

The scope of logistics and transport industry is very diverse and this business also needs perfection, patience and planning as compare to other businesses. As a logistics provider you must coordinate in things like warehousing, inventory, shipping and product security of the clients.

Check out what you need to start this Business:

Capital and Investments:

Arranging capital or investing money is the first step to setup any business. How much money you require to invest is totally depend on the types of logistics services you wish to start. It is very important to identify the niche services that you want to get in.


Either you involve in third party logistics or warehousing services you need to obtain necessary registration and compliance certification.

After taking the above necessary step you need to design a user friendly website with which you can offer services to your customers. Some important steps to develop a user friendly website for your logistics business:

Responsive Website:

Nowadays everyone is using smart phone and tablet when using internet as it is very convenient. Make sure to make your online logistics website fully responsive so that it can be easily accessed by different devices in no time. Responsive website design can expand your customer base and also help in earning more profits.

Hiring a Professional Team for implementing this Business model:

Hiring a website development company or a team of proficient developers can make this process easy and systematic as they will easily setup your online logistics business.

Building your own logistics company eliminates all the third party services. If you follow the above listed steps you can offer your satisfying service to your customers. Especially in the big cities like New York, Washington, San Francisco and Los Angeles you need to put extra effort to stand out from the crowd.  

You can also collaborate with ecommerce companies to deliver their product to the customers, as this is very feasible and instead of target the potential customers you only need to focus on delivery services which is provided by the ecommerce company which you have tied in.

We have mentioned some of the best logistics company in Australia for your inspiration

  • E Stores

This company is established in 2008 and providing their logistics services across Australia. They fulfill around 45000 orders per day. Check out their website, it is filled up with all the information which helps in building great relationship with their customers.

  • Allied Express

Allied express is the largest logistics company in Australia, they also offers courier and taxi truck services. Look at their stunning website which serves as Communication Bridge between their customers.

  • Go Logistics

Go logistics is located in Sydney Australia, they begin their services in the year 2007. They have 3500 loyal customers and they provide their services across Australia.

  • 20 Cube

From order to delivery you can get your things done from their website itself. They have digitized the sully chain process and enable their customers to enhance their business performance.


I think now you get the whole picture and you will easily setup your own online logistics without any confusion.  Remember building online logistics website involves few key decisions. You can build your website by hiring a good web designing agency so that your website got more professional touch in all the aspects.

If you also want any advice on creating your own online logistics website in Sydney or website maintenance for existing logistics portal feel free to Contact Us today and accomplish your goals.

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