How to Promote your Business in Pandemic

How to Promote your Business in Pandemic

As we all know that Corona has affected every business from tourism to foodservice especially the SME’s. It is affecting in many ways from loss of business to remote work, due to this COVID outbreak things are changing fast and businesses are being forced to adapt to the changes. Companies are working to bring you the best resources and information to help you survive this challenging time. 

The bigger businesses have a better chance to survive as they are having enough cash flow to survive this pandemic whereas small businesses having very less cash flow hence they are struggling. It is devastating not only for the small business owners but also for the employees. In this article, I am gonna tell you how small businesses can survive in this turbulent times ahead of 2020. 

Here are few tips:

Go Online Mantra:

Most of the businesses are not having their online presence, even though few of them have a website but they are not aligned with today’s online trend. To make yourself ahead in this pandemic situation one need to create or sprucing up their older website, also try to give some extra add on services which customers are missing these days. Now is a great time to update your business with a new strategy. Whether you want to create a new website or want to revamp the old one must seek some advice from a consultancy who can help you in surviving this pandemic. A great website can provide you with an advantage to keep yourself in front of your targeted audience. Due to the pandemic, you can get revamping services or new website development at an affordable price but the competition is still on, apart from the website you need to focus on other online strategies to generate quality leads.


Don’t push people to where you want to be, meet them where they are:

The above quote directly points towards marketing. If you are having a great website but nobody knows your business then nothing more disappointing. Opt for great marketing strategy, think about how you can reach your customers amid pandemic because communication is crucial in this COVID era. Thanks to the internet as everyone is online nowadays you can reach your potential audience within a click only you have to figure out what type of customers you are searching for and where you will get.

Check Where You Can Find Your Customers:
Social Media Channels & Account Management:

Think twice is your business staying active on social channels? Social media is a place where you can spread awareness among the people about your offerings. It is very important to keep your social media marketing strategy in place in this pandemic time. You have to stay at the forefront of your audience or your potential buyers. You can also keep your eyes open on other businesses and try to figure out what actually they are doing to survive this crucial period. 

If you don’t have any idea about where to start or you are confused then you must seek help from the experts. They will help you in maintaining your social media marketing strategy and also get you some right buyers at the right time.


Email Marketing “the original one to one channel”:

If social media is a cocktail party then email marketing is the “meet up for coffee” keep in touch with your existing customers and try to understand what problems actually they are facing in these challenging times. Whether your business hours are changing or you are working remotely, through email marketing its important to keep your customers informed. Not only this but you can create a sales funnel through this by approaching your visitors to subscribe your services to those who are visiting through social channels or your website. Try to Leverage each and every medium to get the potential audience.

Conclusion: “This may not be a sprint, it may be a marathon” keep your eyes wide open and explore the areas where you can get new customers, this will not only help you in surviving the pandemic times but also gives your competitors a wild competition in your targeted niche.

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