How to Pick Background Images for Your Online Store

How to Pick Background Images for Your Online Store

If you are wondering how to pick background images for your online store then let me tell you that  Background images are the key factors for any website, modern designing tools have made these more attractive. The designers nowadays not only focus on the content but also on the visualization “the look and feel”.

When choosing any background images or stock photos for your website you must be very careful as it gives negative impacts on your brand, not to mention the positive-negative impacts are the game-changing element for any brand.

Keeping these in mind let’s discuss how you can pick the background images for your online store:

Accessibility Comes First

Ask yourself which background gives a more elegant feel to your content, it also has a high impact on the look and feel of your webpage. If you’re not sure about the accessibility and you love any particular image there is something you can do to make it work. You can use any photo editing tool or even you can play with CSS to make the background look more attractive on your website and make your content more readable. It is also very important to work on the font style and the size that matches your background image.


The photo you are using has to be relevant and uncluttered, background images should be thought of as part of your overall branding strategy. That could mean a photo of your physical location, a product, or service should not look blurry or unclear so can destroy the user interface of your website.

Using of Textures

Textures give a classy look and feel to your website. Whether you are using a page background or for a specific content area, look for textures that are seamless—meaning they can repeat a pattern across the screen that makes it look like one large image. That doesn’t mean you can go for large images if so it can result in a negative effect on page loading time. Look for images that contain soft lines and colours which will contrast well with the content.

High Resolution

When downloading from any website always go for high-resolution images, which will make you do necessary edits, if possible crop it according to the required size. You might even use CSS Media Queries to call in smaller versions of an image for other screen sizes. 

Bringing Backgrounds to the Forefront

With so many technologies and exclusive Web Design framework available we may not even pay much attention to the background images. But they play an important role in storytelling and also gives a soothing UI. Full background images help to set up the tone for the overall website. Nevertheless, we must focus on details such as size, aspect ratio, and suitability for mobile devices. Remember that details matter, even when it comes to items used in the background.

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