How to drive repeat customer to WordPress website

Last updated on October 13th, 2018 at 04:34 pm

Your website is getting traffic. But when you check your analytics you get that most of the visitors are new and you are not getting enough returning visitors, as returning visitors are the most valuable visitors for your business. If a visitor is returning then it shows that your products or services are good and they are trusting on you but most of the times it is difficult to make a trap on your visitors so that they can return.


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Study says the customers who have made a purchase from your website have only 30 % chance that they will again return to your website. As with every second purchase from the same visitor the chance of getting more purchase is increased by 50 %. Growth hacking is very important if you want to make your business stand out of the crowd.

Impact of Loyal Customers on your Business

Returning visitors make around 30 to 40 % of sales annually if they like your product or services, some study says the amount you invest in attracting a new visitor is more than that of attracting a returning visitors.

Attracting a new visitors cost you five times more as much as keeping the returning one.

Check out this below tips to get returning visitors.

Contact Form:

Adding a contact form or sign up form help you to collect the contact information of your website visitors. This helps you to build a relationship with your customers. Once visitors signup your website send him a professional mail by offering discounts or freebies.

Email Marketing:

This contact information is used in sending newsletter and other product or services related emails. You can even send mail regarding the new product or service launch. Email marketing helps you to reach potential customers which increase your sales.


You can gain the trust of your customers by availing great customer support and try to solve all the problems related to their purchases. By this, you have to put less effort into inviting your existing customers instead of getting new visitors.

Final Words:

Returning visitors are like an asset for your business giving great service and support will make them visit your website again and again. So go through your analytics and segregate the one time visitors and returning visitors and apply different marketing effort on both of your segments. But remember targeting your existing customer is far easier than getting new customers as your existing visitor know your product and services and they have already shown interest in your business. You can also consult some WordPress or ecommerce development services company to apply this strategy.

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