How to create a Multi Vendor Ecommerce Marketplace

We all know that with the advancement of technology e-commerce is getting more popular day by day. That’s why more and more businesses are giving their online presence in the shape of ecommerce or multivendor ecommerce website.

The reason behind the popularity of e-commerce is that it gives people an opportunity to do shopping from anywhere without stepping outside. It has changed the way we shop, as it saved our time and money.

Because of the popularity of e-commerce almost all the businesses are getting online, so as to increase sales and customer base. Websites like Amazon and Flipkart are the most popular shopping sites.

In this tutorial, I’ve come up with the beginner guide to set up a multivendor eCommerce website.

I will explain some of the major factors which play a crucial role in the success of a multivendor e-commerce site.

Domain Names:

One of the first, most important decisions you have to make when starting a new business is choosing a domain name.

A short, catchy and memorable domain name is the most important factor in making your business viral. The reason behind short and catchy domain name is that it will easily be remembered by people and serves as your business identity.

Choosing an E-commerce Platform While Developing a multi vendor eCommerce website:

There is a lot of confusion and doubts before initiating your business. The second important aspect when setting up your business online is creating a  website, but you will get confused in selecting the favorable which you should use to power your online store, as there are many e-commerce platforms out there.

And this is one of the most confusing issues to take the decision at that time. For this, I will recommend you’re without thinking too much go for WordPress, as it is the best platform to build your eCommerce store. More than half of internet is using WordPress.

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Here I am listing three familiar and open source WordPress eCommerce plugins for you.


It is the most popular WordPress plugin to power your eCommerce store comes. This plugin offers you a lot of features so that you can easily manage your eCommerce store.

Highly customizable and comes with multiple payment options including Paypal, Cash on delivery etc.

A large number of add-ons and themes make this platform more demanding.


It is a multivendor WordPress plugin that leveraging the power of WooCommerce.

With Dokan you can easily build a multivendor marketplace like Amazon or Flipkart.

In your multivendor store, every seller or merchant can easily manage their products and an order from the front end of your website, so that means your Admin area is secure and safe.

As a site owner, you will get a percentage from each sale. This is the advantage of setting up an online multi-vendor e-commerce website. Dokan is the most popular plugin and downloaded more than 15000 times and made more than 4000 marketplaces worldwide. It supports PayPal, PayPal Adaptive, Stripe, and Cash on delivery.

Choose the Best Theme:

A powerful, professional, good-looking and user-friendly theme for your eCommerce store is incredibly important. It acts as a storefront of your eCommerce website.

Choosing the perfect theme for your store, or even selecting a designer or WordPress professional who understands your goals, can take up so much time.

We at Clickpoint Solution got a team of WordPress professional developers and designers who can design your theme as per your requirements.

The responsive design lets your online store accessed by every device. And you can easily customize it without any knowledge of coding.


Your business store is a valuable property, and you should ensure that it’s safe in each and every aspects.

That’s what WordPress is designed to with a stable and secure framework, but this doesn’t make it immune from hackers. But you can secure it by adapting SSL for your online store.

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Apart from SSL, there have a lot of available plugins that offer protection for WordPress websites. Below are the most powerful and well-known.

Optimizing for Search Engine:

Search engines are becoming more complicated day-by-day, but they still can’t see and understand a web page the same way a human can.

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That is why we offer digital marketing services for your online store which is the most important aspect that is making a website accessible to both search engine and users to understand the site.

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