How to Build a Dental Website in Canberra

Last updated on July 27th, 2018 at 02:30 pm

Like other industry medical industry are also seeking online platform to expand their customer base. Many doctors are getting their clinic online by creating websites so that their patient can easily able to contact and consult them regarding their medical problems. Besides all the other verticals of the medical industry, today we will discuss how to create a stunning dental website.

But first, take a look at some of the best dental website In Canberra (Australia)

Shine Dentist

The website got very simple layout. Their website is also very elegant and appealing. It is totally built for its user so that their user can easily contact them.

Civic Gentle

They got beautiful storefront with nice color schemes and able to showcase their services in a very neatly manner. Each & every information is given on the website this can help to target more and more customers towards the business.

Dental Bupa

Their website got everything in very detailed manner. The user can easily check their services, works, and other information very easily.


The website got very simple layout. The website is also very appealing. This makes the client or user to stay and create urge to check what’s next.

So if you are a dentist and you want to build your own dental website then read this blog till last:

While developing your own dental website you will come up with the following queries in your mind:

  1. What is the best website design tool?
  2. How much will it cost you?
  3. Template based or fully custom, which type will work?
  4. Best marketing strategy for your dental website
  5. Which software suites your needs?

Now let’s go further to solve your problems.


1. What is the best website design tool?

If you are a novice in the dental profession then you must have a lot of question going through your mind while planning a website to build for your dental clinic. There are several website building platforms available by which you can build your own dental website but if your budget is a little bit low and you want to develop a stunning website then WordPress is the best website design tool which gives you the power to create your website with ease without too many hurdles.

I am suggesting WordPress because it is very flexible and comes with lots of templates and plugins which saves you a lot of time and money when developing a website.

WordPress offers great result with quite low investment. So better to consult some good WordPress development company who provide affordable WordPress development services. Because of the website only people will take the decision whether to opt your service or not, professional website can surely help them to make the decision in a fraction of seconds.

Have a look in the below points why I am suggesting WordPress

  • It’s free to use no hidden costs
  • Very powerful in terms of development and other perspectives.
  • Offers tons of features in very low cost. So you can add lots of functionalities to your website.
  • Also, you will get tons of pre-build dental templates.
  • How Much your website will cost?

2. How much will it cost you?

The cost of the website is totally depending on the complexity of the website. Basically, the more complex the website the more time, effort and cost is required to build the website. Other things like product and services the website cost also change from time to time.

  • Static Website:

If you want a static website with less number of pages without any feature or functionality then it may cost you around $. The cost also depends on how much services you are taking like if you need all the things like from domain hosting to development with digital marketing services the cost may vary.

  • Custom Website Development Cost:

Custom or dynamic website consists of many features and functionalities. The custom website is better than static or any kind of websites. Again it totally depends on the requirements. Basically, custom websites are more costly because of its features and functionalities.

But as I think WordPress offer the best quality at an affordable price.

3.Template based or fully custom, which type will work?

  • Custom Website Development:

Custom or dynamic website consists of many features and functionalities. The custom website is better than static or any kind of websites. Again it totally depends on the requirements. Basically, custom websites are more costly because of its features and functionalities. Though it will cost a little bit more the main advantage of custom website design is you will get a unique design for your website.

  • Template Based Website Development:

If you go for template-based website development then you will get pre-built responsive website templates which means that they are mobile friendly. Responsive design is very important nowadays as almost all the people are browsing the internet on their mobile itself.

This website can be easy to develop and it also takes very less time to complete your project.

Call to Action and Other Forms:

You must integrate a call to action and other contact forms into your website so that user can easily provide their contact details.

4.How do You Market Your Dental Practice Online:

You must target your local area so that you will get your potential customers quite easily. Which means you have to use city based or area based keywords, in short, you have to fully optimize your website to come in SERP (Search engine result page).

Once you have done with your on-page optimization then you can move further by doing off a page, ad words and other social media activities to target your potential customers.

Marketing technique is also not that much easy as many people think, so it is better to consult your website development company for this also as it might be possible that they will provide you digital marketing services as well and it will cost you little low.


5. Which software suites your needs?

Now that you are done with your website development and all the basic requirements it’s time to integrate some of the useful software’s so that you can easily manage dental practice online.

Here we have listed some of the software’s that will really help you:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

This is a very useful tool which serves your patient and staff to communicate easily without making much effort. Billing, health advice, and many more things can be done with CRM.

  • Practice Analytics:

You will review your dental practice with this software. Get the details of your key staff and data on the go with this software.

  • Email Marketing:

Keep your patients up to date with your latest news and offers. It also gives you the power to stay connected with your patients.


Last Words:

I think now you get the whole picture and you will easily set up your own dental website without any confusion.  Remember building a dental website online involves a few key decisions. You can build your website by hiring a good web designing agency so that your website got the more professional touch in all the aspects.

If you also want any advice on creating your online dental website or website maintenance for existing dental portal feel free to Contact Us today and accomplish your goals.



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