How to boost eCommerce Business

How to Boost your e Commerce Sales with Growth Hacking

Do you ever wonder how did successful companies like Flipkart, Amazon and Air bnb have grown exponentially in such a short time? Why are they growing so fast?

Basically these are fast growing companies sharing a common factor that is growth hacking. The principle of growth hacking is to develop a marketing strategy that will help your business to grow in different ways. Growth in terms of customers, market shares and profits.

For an online business or an ecommerce business growth hacking means is to do rapid experimentation across the full customer’s journey.

Few effective growth hacking techniques which will be very beneficial for your business:

Setup your Goals:
Setup your goals or KPI’s right now. Plan now what you want to achieve first. Eg Email addresses create user generated contents, acquire new traffic.

Choose an Option relevant to your Audience:
You need to pick an option that entices your target market to join. The point is to achieve your goals. So attract users or your relevant audience by giving them discounts, prize etc.

Effective Contents:
Refurbish your content marketing strategy by curating effective contents. If you want your content to work, you need to ask the following:

  • Offer some great knowledge base contents.
  • Through your article try solve your audience problem.
  • Always try to write unique and relevant content so that your audience connects with you easily.

Video Marketing:
Show your customer reviews through video. Try to make your service or product video so that your audience can understand. Around 81 % of traffic comes from video promotion.  There are many types of contents that are used for making videos. E.g. you can make DIY or how to video to engage your audience.

Image Marketing:
Today’s digital world image is playing a major role in business. Most of the users uses phone where a graphical format of any information helps convert them better. There are various website where images can be promoted as a marketing material. Instagram, Flickr, Imgur etc are some of the famous where images acan be promoted. Check out ecommerce growth through google images

Social Proofs:
Try to connect with your potential audience by social media platforms. Display social proofs on your website to increase your store’s influence and reputation. An online store with a million of followers is perceived as more credible and reputable.

A/B Testing:
In order to grow your business, A/B testing is a popular practice among the ecommerce practitioners because it allows them to understand how certain changes to minor element of an existing process that can affect the overall process. Basically, A/B testing is used to assess how different versions of a campaign will perform better.

Referral Programs:
It is probably the most useful technique which in turn earn you lot of users towards your business. One of the most vital reasons why people stay loyal to a brand and start referring it to their friends and family is because they expect something in return. This is why setting up an effective referral program can help you grow by building more connections with your existing customers.

Growth hacking is about exploring the new ideas to promote your products or services. While growth hacking can be many things the main motto is to gain customers anyhow. I hope this guide will help you to acquire, convert and retain your customers innovatively. It is somehow the very effective technique to retain your customer base. This is how you boost your sales for your online business. If you are struggling to do so then you must hire some digital marketing company to implement these effective techniques.

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