Google Analytics Hacks for Effective SEO

When Google introduced Google analytics, there was a big sign of relieve because everyone knew they have got a useful web analytics service that will boost up their website traffic. When google analytics modified its SEO strategy by removing the valuable keyword data, everyone thought that it would lose its due to this change.

Amazingly, Google analytics is one of the most trusted SEO tool. It can give you a lot of useful data in a matter of second. You can study the data to learn how to optimize your website for better search result. Though, there are some SEO hacks inside Google analytics that can viably help you to comprehend where to check and point at specific reports to run. A short assessment of the SEO hacks is as follows:


1.You can set up a custom alert or a custom SEO dashboard:

You can use a Google alert set up in your Google analytics to empower you to make proper move in the case of a sudden change in your analytics report. For example, If you are facing a large decrease in the search traffic that possibly come out of left field, you can make an alert which analyzes the changes.  Alternatively, you can make or import a customized SEO dashboard. This will give you a short review of crucial SEO data all in one place. This choice can spare you a great deal of time when you are analysing a wide range of SEO reports. You can have everything in one place and you don’t want to waste time by searching and analysing information.


2.You can make your under performing pages rank higher:

Rather than creating new content for the purpose of boosting your SEO results, you can enhance your old underperforming content by editing your blog post  and stuffing some high search volume keywords, for keyword research you can use Google keyword planner tool.  For you to get the best result focus on the low-hanging fruit.Once you see the greater part of your low-hanging fruit in one place, you will find a cluster of impressions which infer that the most traffic could be yours. To optimise the under performing pages, you have to take such actions like improving your URL structure and implementing the “skyscraper Technique.”


3.You can increase opportunities by monitoring referral traffic:

If you have referral traffic to your site already, you should monitor the links because they are useful in link building opportunities. You should Consider about asking those who are making links to your blog posts to do an additional link to your product page to get more referral traffic.  


4.You can funnel traffic over to top converting pages:

SEO or search engine optimization aims in getting people to convert. This can be accomplished by sending them to the pages which are converting already. However the top converting pages may not be easy to find out. With the clever links or restricted pages, you can force the people who are already converting your site to flow through it.


5.You can increase engagement by analysing landing page reports:

Analysing the organic landing pages will help you in finding the issues that prevent users from navigating to other pages. You need to find and analyse an organic landing pages report for you to get a clear structure of how your visitors are engaging with your website. These engaging signals are considered in google’s ranking factors, Taking care of these engagement will helps in increasing the search engine ranking.

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