Digital Marketing trends in 2021 and Beyond

Digital Marketing trends in 2021 and Beyond

The Covid pandemic had impacted not only people globally but also businesses. So with a new year i.e. 2021, we are hoping to get used to the new normal and try to grab as much opportunity as we can to make ourselves and the world more powerful so that no other pandemic affects what Covid has done to us.

From a digital marketing standpoint, what’s gonna happen in 2021? Will content still be the king? Which marketing platforms should brand invest in? What are the best ways to engage & retain customers? Here are our predictions for 2021 that every marketer & businessman should keep an eye on.

Leverage the New Social Channels:

As we all know, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest are the platforms that every marketer is using to promote their businesses. But after the launch of Tiktok things got changed a bit, earlier marketers were using stock images to promote their product in social channels but now along with the images, short videos are getting trendy. Nowadays brands are using TikTok to promote their products and services. Now social media is accounting for almost 25 % of the total marketing budget which is around 13 % high since 2019.

Brands are creating short videos with a carefree tone to attract buyers, basically, it is a high time to start experimenting with short videos including strong CTA.

Marketing Automation “New Industry Norm”:

Nowadays if you see a customer journey, it is more dynamic as compared to previous years. With the increase in devices it is nearly impossible to track the attributes of your buyers manually, So to track the attributes of the targeted audiences brands are using marketing automation, though marketing automation existed since years today 65 % of marketers are using marketing automation, this technology is evolving very fast and helping brands in better conversion, generating personalized content, and at the same time helping them to track their marketing results all at once.

Personalization “The New Expectation”;

Despite widespread concerns, 70 % of marketers are focusing on personalization marketing, Buyers are unsubscribing mass email blasting services while selecting personalized web pages over generic ones. Based on the trends now brands are customizing customer communication and experiences based on their preferences, interests & behaviour. 

You can easily do personalized marketing without hiring tons of copywriters and graphic designers. Nowadays machine learning helps brands to get more relevant and unique content. Dozens of tools available in the market which generates promotional content by studying the consumer behaviour which in turn results in a high conversion rate. Persado is the name of the software which is used by many companies nowadays that allow the companies to boost their engagement rate by 5 %.

Privacy Protection “Major Concern”:

In recent time, many countries are creating new norms on consumer & public privacy, these Govt Bodies limit how companies allow using the personal data of their shoppers which reflects in growing nationwide privacy protection.  The way brands target and track their audiences is undergoing major changes. In other words here are some points you need to follow if you are in a branding game:

Pay close attention to the privacy policies of your buyers and try to take consent before using their information.

Check out periodically how potentially your privacy changes might impact your pipeline.

Start conveying the value proposition messages before data collection, so that they feel reassured that you are serious about their privacy concerns.

If you also want to stay in the digital marketing game then you must get used to the new norms and demand what other brands are following. Stay organized, do brainstorm sessions and do lots of research before kickstarting your promotional activities in the year 2021. 

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