Create your Own Non-Profit Website For NGO and Fundraising

Are you planning to open a fundraising or NGO website?  The following steps will help you to get your own NGO or fundraising website.

Start on the right foot:

Becoming obsolete should be the fundamental goal of all NGOs. You must constantly strive to work yourself out of a job.

Becoming obsolete works on two levels. In terms of your personal involvement, you should build the NGO to the point where it can function independently of your leadership. The long-term goal of your NGO should be to solve a problem and thereby become unnecessary.

You’ll be able to help more people in more profound ways and enjoy every minute of the experience. If you try to maintain control, dependencies will develop, and once dependencies start they are hard to stop.

Dependency can leave NGO volunteers feeling trapped and sometimes even leave negative impacts on the people you are trying so hard to help.

Setting up Your Goals:

Before starting your NGO website you need to set your goals clear and achievable.

Finding a niche is great before initiation. Trying to pick something small, doing it well and following through can help you to achieve your goals.

Make an Action Plan:

A plan of action is very important if you want to make your NGO successful, try to make positive impacts among the people so that your NGO will attract donors and volunteers.

Make sure you are able to follow through with what you start. Plan and implement hard on your goals. Hard work is very important, but hard work without a good plan is a waste of time and money.

Create a Stunning Website:

Creating a website for your NGO gives you a platform to interact with interested people. A stunning website helps in attracting volunteers and also establishes a professional appearance. Attention spans on the web are very short. Be clear and concise.

Some hosting companies give free hosting to NGO sites. Ask around.

If you want to create a website for your NGO, read this article.

Step by step guide to design SEO friendly website

Assessment of NGO’s financial needs:

Money, dealing with money is a big and hectic deal you need to do lots of paperwork to run your NGO smooth. The quality of NGO’s work and amount of its funding are often inversely related. The important factor is to minimize money that NGO needs.

Get an established NGO to accept you under its umbrella. Tax-deductible donations and grants will go to them, care of your NGO. Setting up this arrangement could be very easy.

After setting up these things you can easily ask for money from businesses, grant foundations, and governments for your social work. And also integrate payment gateway to your website so that you can easily able to receive donations from visitors to your website.


Establish a relationship with people and organizations of your same niche so that you can learn from tips and techniques to run a successful NGO site. It also helps you in managing the work with minimum effort. This website serves as a great platform for networking relationship building.

Find balance:

Be practical about the time and effort means how much time you spend in your NGO. Remember don’t take projects beyond the limits.

Finding a balance between work and personal life is the key to success.


Any volunteer experience can be rewarding. Starting your own NGO can make you feel totally fulfilled.

You will learn and grow as an individual and receive a profound sense of satisfaction not easily found in modern life.

Hope my insights and experiences can definitely make difference in achieving your dream.

As you know “ the first impression is the last impression”, your website will be the first thing that user will notice before making any decision. Great website design is the best way to showcase your desires and passion to the world.

If you also want any advice on creating a website or website maintenance feel free to Contact Us today and accomplish your goals without any hassle.

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