How to create my own ecommerce app?

Last updated on November 19th, 2018 at 07:23 pm

Do you have an online store? Want to grow your business like never before; you can do this by simply creating a mobile app for your online store. As almost all people are using mobile in today’s world. But you may think that building an android app or IOS app is quite tough, the good news is that you don’t need any programming skill at all and also building an ecommerce app is a lot more affordable nowadays. Create an app for your store today, you can take help of any web developer or else you can integrate with Shopify or Etsy like a big brand.

According to survey e-commerce shows an annual growth of 17 % & is projected to reach 3 billion dollar industry by 2018. The mobile sector looks more promising as most people are browsing online shops with their mobiles as compared to PCs.  Some research says that going into mobile can benefit any business.

A lot of people look for business opportunities in this competitive market but they somehow don’t know where to start. To solve this simple problem one must have a mobile app if they are in business or planning to start one.

Things to Focus before Creating an App:

Every app goes through several stages before being introduced before it is launched. This article is going to guide you about the process of app development and also give you some tips that are essential for making an outstanding app for your e-commerce business. As you all know that the app act as a cherry on top of a cake for any online store, therefore it is always recommended to launch an e-commerce business with a web application first.

It is also to keep in mind that your app or web application is truly responsive. As building an app is quite expensive.  Also, keep in mind that e-commerce is a very competitive industry, so the first tip is to launch your app as fast as you can. As sooner you make the app the more time you will have to improve based on user feedback.

Create an app which is loaded with Adequate & Appropriate Features:

Instead of focusing on an irrelevant feature you must focus on features which are useful for our users, check out some of the features which should be considered first:

Ø  User login:

This feature is obvious, but don’t forget to make login a soothing and user-friendly experience. It can also beneficial to provide your user with an additional sign-in option with Google or Facebook or any other social media.

Ø  Product Search Feature:

This feature must be lightning fast and have a lot of filters & quality indexing which help user to quickly find what they want.

Ø  User Reviews:

This is a very simple feature which can able to boost sales by 20 %. It allows a customer to express their feeling about the product and shopping experience as well. Don’t forget that the potential buyers always trust reviews.

Ø  Checkout & Safe Payment Gateway:

First and foremost is to provide your user a guest checkout option as nowadays people want easy and quick purchase. Display the checkout progress; make your checkout page as simple as possible. Checkout also consists of reliable payment option which you will provide them by integrating a safe payment gateway to your app. Use payment gateways that providing satisfying services (for example Paypal, PayU, Atom).

Ø  Implement Professional Design:

An attracting design for your app can be another powerful tool to attract new customers.

Mostly, users form their opinion of online shops based on their visuals alone. Professional design will definitely increase the brand popularity and recognition.

Ø  Customer Support:

E-commerce is a virtual storefront. Where there is no sales executive available to help the customer. So customer support plays a major role in your success. Give your customers a top-notch customer support, it is also recommended to give them 24/7 support service. As user prefers to communicate, if something goes wrong it is necessary to have a detailed page for complaints.

Ø  Last But Not the Least:

Promote your app through different channels like social media and ASO (App store optimization).

Please note that the process of development does not end here. You need to revamp or add new feature frequently to meet the customer needs.  

Mobile is the best platform to seek or attract customers for your business as it is recognized as the central part to target potential customers to any business as they can be approached easily and at a personal level. So, if you want a huge success in your business go for an ecommerce web design company for your online store and make your business a profitable venue.

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