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In Oct 2015 we were happy to launch the new website for our Oman based client. The new website has a new look built on the new TECHNOLOGY like HTML5, Bootstrap platform.  ClickPoint provides reliable and effective web-based solutions to its wide clientele hailing from different genres. Pizza Muscat is an Omani Group which produces fresh Arabic and Traditional flavoured Pizzas in various cities in Oman.   Our industry experts helped in setting up the web presence of

Innovative solutions we have catered

One of our noted clients is Pizza Muscat. Being a web consultant company Clickpoint helped in setting up their branding and website designing  to showcase their signature dishes include Variety of Pizzas, Delicious Lasagna, Pizza Pie Sandwiches, Fresh Salad and many more. Our digital marketing services helped Pizza Muscat in various channels like Social media, email marketing etc. to  ClickPoint also helped in digital marketing set up For this, we cater innovative and unique web-based solution based on the demand. We analyze the demand for the business and cater services that are specific to the particular industry.

Our unique approach

A team of professionals helps not only businesses to launch their services through the website but marketing their products and services. We understand the need for the specific industry and its trends and cater website development or website re-designing services based on it. We wish our clients success in their new endeavor. Our aim is to add value to our clients.


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