How to choose domain name

Choosing a domain name is like choosing a company name — it requires a great deal of thought and examination. Your domain name shows your identity on the web; you should register a domain name that not only fits your business, and also easy to find and promote. Your domain name and URL takes a major part when it comes to search. In this article, we’ll share some tips you need to get domain name ideas, choose the best domain name, and register your new domain.

  1. Stick with .com:

There are sufficient new domain name extensions available today; we always recommend choosing a .com domain. Dot-com domains are the most preferred and the most memorable one. And most of the smartphone keyboards automatically have a .com button.

  1. Use existing keywords:

Keywords play a dominant role in a domain. By utilizing keywords in your domain name, you can tell the search engines what your website is about. Including the quality content and good user experience, keywords in your domain can enable you to rank higher in Google.

  1. Keep it short:

While keywords are important, but don’t run over the edge with domain length. It’s smarter to have a domain name that is short and memorable. It is good enough to hold your domain name under 15 characters. Longer domains are harder for your users to remember.

  1. Make it easy to type and pronounce:

Choose a domain name which can easily rolls off the tips of your finger and it should rolls off the tips of your tongue. This will make the visitors to share your domain name easily by word of mouth, and it enables you to share your site with friends and potential customers easily.

  1. Avoid hyphens and numbers:

Never choose a domain name with hyphens. Hyphens can be considered as a signature of spam domains, which you should not be integrated with. You should avoid giving the wrong impression to potential customers. If you want your domain name smooth and punchy, then you should avoid hyphens and numbers.

  1. Make it unique and brandable:

Your website domain name must be unique, so then you can stand out in your readers mind. It is a smart way to research other websites in your niche and you can find what domain names they are using. Unique domain name is a great way to build additional brand value. Brandable domain names should be unique, easy and catchy.

  1. SEO friendly domain name:

A SEO-friendly domain name is one that tells people what the website is about, the products and services it offers, etc. In this case, the domain name stands out more in the sea of search result listings and becomes more likely to be clicked. Choosing the right domain name can help you in targeting your audience and accelerate your search engine result. And it’s more than just keywords.

  1. Do some research:

After getting settled with your favorite domain names, it’s important to spend some time by researching to make sure it is legally protected. We can easily identify is someone trying to find your website ends up landing on a page with a similar domain name.

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