Checklist for website redesigning

Last updated on February 8th, 2017 at 02:47 pm

Include The Following Aspects In Your Website Redesigning Checklist

Quite inevitably, the success of a business solely depends on its sales. Whether it is the conventional brick and mortar stores or the online business ventures, sales optimization happens to be the prime goal. And to achieve this target, an entrepreneur needs to market his products and services. Speaking of the virtual platform, this task is performed by the business websites. Therefore, your official business website efficiently role-plays as your digital marketer. Perfectly functional websites catapult your online venture to the summit; whereas an ill-designed one can do more harm than good. So, in case, you are not quite content with the current performance of your business website; then it is high time for redesigning it.


Restoring the positives

Prior to investing in your business website redesigning, you must take note of quite a few aspects. Preparing a comprehensive checklist of the must-haves and things-to-do will be a great way to kick-start the entire process. Remember, there are two major thoughts involved in the process of website designing and you need to ensure their alignment with each other. Firstly, your website must perfectly portray your business goals and secondly it must be attractive enough to captivate the attention of the target audiences.

  • Jot down the positive aspects you wish to keep and the negative ones that need correction.
  • Review your existing website prior to redesigning it.
  • Current SERP (Search engine rank position) is a must to check. As the current ranking is result of a lot of hard work in the past. So defiantly any business wouldn’t want to lose that hard work by just redesigning the website.
  • Lists down the number pages in the existing website
  • Make sure you are adopting a responsive or an adoptive design for your website
  • Major content changes may harm to your website wile redesigning the website
  • If want to drop couple of web pages which are no more relevant, include a proper 301 redirection while redesigning the new website
  • Check out the current website performance, load time for each page, which should be compared with the new designed website
  • Jot down the top seo driven landing pages, and make sure content wise not major changes to those.

Set your goals right

Apart from reviewing, there is a need of goal-setting in this regard. Question yourself regarding the exact purpose of your website redesign. And try to match the answers with numerical values. Perform profound researches and try to figure out what better edge can this redesign fetch you, in terms of conversion rates, lead generation and the number of potential visitors. Again before you choose any website redesign services, define the persona of your target audience. Your knowledge on their specific tastes and preferences will make your website redesign venture successful.

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