Business Website vs Facebook Page Which is Better

Today for companies, it is important to have a strong online web presence. For building a brand image, there are many choices are open that may be a Social Media page e.g. Facebook or a Website. Both have specific roles and both are important in accomplishing many different marketing strategies to help in growing the business.  All it depends upon the individual goals to determine whether Website is better to reach the audience or a Face book page.

Here is a faceoff between Facebook page and Website to choose the better one. Take a look.

Facebook Pros:

  • It’s free – Facebook pages are free and very easy to set up.
  • Engagement – Facebook page is always casual and humanizing. It allows easily communicating and building relationships.
  • Branding – Customers will learn more about the business’s values, mission and purpose, through your updates and how you respond to them. This builds loyalty and your brand.
  • Easy sharing of contents– Through a Facebook page, you can easily share content to thousands of people spending time on it. With one easy click, users can get all of your updates and share your information with their friends and families.
  • Contests- You can hold a contest on Facebook page to drive your fan base and generate buzz as your contest link is passed around to other Facebook user.
  • Low-commitment – If your Facebook page is no longer doing the job, you can easily delete your page or switch to another platform or can simply ignore it.

Facebook Cons:

  • Lack of control– As Facebook is a third-party site, you have to follow the company’s terms of service, which are continually revised, or risk your account being deleted.
  • Limited design – In Facebook, you have to follow their layout. You can customize your header and profile picture, but the basic layout you won’t be able to change.
  • Open forum – As it is an open forum, the public can anytime put their comments on your page where you haven’t complete control.
  • Limited reporting tools– The level of reporting and features available are often less than with a website. You only get the information the social site chooses to give you.
  • Revenue– You can’t sell ad space on a Facebook page. The revenue opportunities are non-existent.

This is all about pros and cons of a Facebook page. Some business houses choose to keep both a Website and Facebook where as some small businesses choose to dip their toe in the water by starting with the later one. So, it’s time to take a look on pros and cons of a Website and then only we can pick the best one.

Website Pros:

  • Cost effective – Though running a Website is not completely free but it is cost effective. There are a variety of options available, ranging from free to expensive. Free websites depend on your budget and business needs but there are lots of limitations in it. But later, you can improve your free site.
  • Credibility – A Website establishes credibility of a business. Now consumers expect companies to have websites today. People trust a business more if it has a website.
  • Full of control– When you have your own website, you can easily customize its looks and features it according to yours. You can typically personalize a template to make its look uniquely.
  • Better marketing – With your own website, you have so many ways to communicate with and sell to your customers. A website not only has more space to market your business; but you can include more marketing features such as videos, customers reviews, blogs and special promotional offers.
  • Less operating cost – Most consumers prefer to get a business’s information online. If you make your website a useful source of self-service information, it can reduce your operating costs.

Website Cons:

  • Maintenance – Yes, if you are running one Website, there must be maintenance. You have to allocate some fund for it but all depends upon the functionality of the Website.
  • Complex- The more sophisticated the design and functionality, the more money and time it will take to design and set up.
  • More marketing effort – You have to work to get traffic to your website. That means you have to have a marketing strategy and implement it.

What we conclude that, as Facebook page is free, you can choose it for branding but it is not enough to create the kind of digital presence that is required for a business to succeed today. So it is wise to choose both Website and Facebook page.

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