An opportunity for Ecommerce website through Google Images

When it comes to online shopping the product images make a great impact on the potential buyers. Many experts shared that featuring multiple images for a product help to reduce the customer uncertainty, resulting in improved conversion and lower return rates.

Perhaps you don’t know but Google image search is approximately 26 percent of overall Google search. Optimized images of the products can able to drive new customers for your ecommerce business.

So we have to take advantage of the new Google change to acquire quality traffic.

What Changed In Google Images?

Google partnered with Getty images to create a new search result experience for the Google Users.

In this Update Google announced that the option in view image is replaced with view site. Basically, redirecting the traffic from Google search to publisher site. Ecommerce marketing professionals have a tremendous opportunity to create a new and improved channel for customer acquisition.


Here are the three way to Optimize your product images and get them indexed in Google search for high quality traffic with purchase intent.

Descriptive file names are the key to getting your product images found. Also you have to add image alt attributes on all the images to get showcased in front of potential customers. As Google uses image context to understand the image. All in all Google image optimization is must if you want to showcase your product in Google images.

  • Leverage your Customers For Authenticate Images:

Use the power of user generated content to increase the trust of your potential customers and also conversion. Encourage your customers to post their image with the products to the platform like Facebook & Instagram, then repurpose that content on your product and check out page.

  • Compressing the Image:

And the main factor to ensure that your image should load faster and are optimized for speed. For this you must compress the product image. As an optimized file size improves your odds for indexing in Google Images.


If properly executed, these three image search tactics can give your ecommerce website a boost in a traffic and sales.

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