7 Smart Ways to Improve Online Sales through Social Media

The people who are doing business in online, for them there is no choice whether they do Social Media or not but the question is how well they do it. Now Social Media is the new story teller otherwise you can say it’s not the subset of internet but it’s the internet. As a Marketing Manager one should know the Importance of Social Media that can reach thousands or millions of people with your well written posts. The best part of Social Media is it’s cheaper than any form of marketing and you can get the potential customer’s reaction in real-time which can help you to tweak your strategic decisions for increasing response.

Here are some tips for Social Media to increase your online sales.

  1. Flash Sale

Flash Sales are there to generate keenness among audience. It’s a great way to drive sales because it creates a sense of urgency. Offer a special price for a short period of time. Announce the Flash Sale a week before in all Social Media channel but don’t declare the date. This will ensure that people will continuously check your channels to see when it’s taking place and the Flash Sale starts, be ready for heavy traffic to your site.

hash-social2. Use of same Hashtag

Try to stick to a Hashtag which is working. Don’t worry if other big brands are using the same Hashtag. Use generic Hashtags (i.e. as per the occasions) along with distinctive Hashtags that describe your business. The combination must be used in all Social Media platforms.


  1. Contest on Pinterest

If you have a page in Pinterest, you can run your promotion and it’s a great effort to gain awareness for launching of new offerings. Apart from this, it’s a well strategy to run a contest. You can ask your followers to pin a products they desire from your catalogue and pick a winner randomly among them. This will not only engage your followers but also spread about your product s among who can see your contestant’s board.

  1. Offer Coupons

You can offer discount coupons to specific customers who have liked your Facebook page or followed you in Twitter or any Social Media channels. This will increase your followers and also draw more customers.

  1. Add Pictures

According to experts you get more attention when you post an image along with words in Facebook. It will encourage your fans to like and share your stuffs. Facebook just implemented a new algorithm that will repost a link each time someone comments on it. So try to keep engaging your audience more.

  1. Promote Free Shipping

During Holiday season, people prefer to purchase from online. But extra shipping charge may impact negatively on them especially when they are buying different brands. So, offer free shipping to those who click on a link from your Facebook or Twitter account. This will both increase your followers and draw more customers.

  1. Give exposure to your Social Media Sites

You should give exposure of your Social Media channels i.e. links on your email signature, on your blog posts or in your newsletters etc. You must have buttons linking to your social media accounts at the top of your web site, which is a great way to get the word out.

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